In just the space of a few days…


This from Senator Frank Niceley rather nicely sums up the latest Hillary debacle:


Followed by this from Annie Karni:

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 2.35.33 PM

We are now at the point that Hillary Clinton, lauded for many years as the most brilliant, accomplished woman in the world, has been forced to adopt this familiar refrain:


Hillary Clinton and her handlers want us to believe that:

Hillary Clinton, acting in the role of the Secretary of State, a Cabinet Officer, one of the few members of the United States government with daily access to America’s most closely held secrets, truly had no idea of the procedures around the handling, dissemination and storage of those secrets.

Hillary Clinton was able to establish a private, off the books, e-mail server with no security features, off the secure government grid, for at least four years, and no one raised so much as a question.

Hillary Clinton had no idea how to tell what she was reading and sending to others was or was not classified.

Hillary Clinton had no idea, none whatsoever, about the most basic, standard computer and communications device protocols.

And my favorite: now she has devolved to being a “passive recipient of unwitting information that subsequently became classified.”

What’s next? Bill never inhaled. Hillary never actually read any of the documents, and if someone discussed anything that every touched her server near her, she put her fingers in her ears and yelled “la,la,la,la,la?”

What, gentle readers, is her defense? That she was too stupid to handled classified information, and knows less about daily technology than a two year old?

That any American would think her remotely trustworthy and qualified to have access to America’s most sensitive information, to say nothing of having custody of America’s nuclear launch codes, is a stunning indictment of the regression of our national character and fitness for national survival.

That anyone stills thinks her presidential material–or still thinks she doesn’t belong behind bars–is frightening.