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They had such high hopes. The race hustlers, the diversity divas, the social justice cracktivists, the Holder/Obama Department of Racist Justice, Progressives, Socialists, Communists, MSNBC, the Lamestream Media, and much of the Democrat Party, they believed that this one, this case, just might be the one. The one? The one that would tilt the social scales, once and for all, irretrievably, in their favor, that would truly, fundamentally, transform America into their version of a people’s utopia. Alas, it was not to be.

credit: nbcnews.com

credit: nbcnews.com

Even the catchy, video-ready hook and catch phrase “hands up; don’t shoot,” has been so effectively ridiculed and mocked as to render it a tactic the Brownites have all but abandoned, though a few true believers on the fringes still flash it upon occasion, like the gang sign of a gang long since disbanded and forgotten.

Ah, but for awhile there was hope, perhaps even change, as long as “change” consisted of looting, arson, and general barbaric lawlessness. Even today in Ferguson, property values remain at least 50% below their pre-riot levels, virtually none of the destroyed businesses have been rebuilt, and the overall economic damage to the community–to say nothing of the damage to race relations–remains incalculable. Ferguson may never recover. Whether America will once again regain the racial comity it worked for so long, and with such sacrifice, to gain, remains to be seen.

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What remains is the battle between the forces of diversity and liberty, social justice versus the rule of law. Social justice cracktivists are like addicts. There is never enough of their drug. No matter how much they get, no matter how many of their irrational demands are granted, no matter how much they are stroked, praised and appeased, it can never be enough, for their goal is not equality, peace and simply being left alone, unmolested by government to live their lives as they choose. They demand not only racial and lifestyle supremacy, but that everyone else, in every way, recognize and praise their superiority.

Thus do we have “peaceful” demonstrations in memory of Michael Brown, demonstrations that on their first long night, ended in the critical wounding–apparently entirely legitimate–of a black “activist” that shot at the police. What, exactly, is it we are memorializing?

Michael Brown was an abject lesson in the destruction wrought by drugs, a lack of appreciation for education, and the rejection of the values and habits that have always produced individual and social success in America. It’s not hard. Anyone can do it. Go to bed at a reasonable hour; get up at a reasonable hour. Do as well as possible in school. Never stop learning. Be reliable. Get a job, any job, and work hard at it. Be honest. Treat others with sincerity. Avoid booze and drugs. Avoid crime. Avoid criminals. Give proper deference to others, and obey the law. It’s not hard. If most Americans weren’t capable of doing it, we would have descended to a post-apocalyptic Mad Max movie set long ago, though the social justice crowd does its best to achieve just that from time to time and in place to place.

Michael Brown spent his last hours smoking pot, robbing a convenience store, stealing handfuls of cheap cigars he intended to use to smoke more pot, and assaulting a much smaller clerk in the process. There was no nobility in this, no justice, no diversity, just a violent felony. Instead of lying low, he swaggered down the middle of a busy street, and when Officer Darren Wilson asked him to walk on the sidewalk, he arrogantly ignored him. But that wasn’t enough. He brutally assaulted Officer Wilson. He ran, but soon turned and rushed Wilson in a berserker charge, and died in a hail of bullets.

Michael Brown's Mother credit: youtube.com

Michael Brown’s Mother
credit: youtube.com

But he was unarmed! Hands up; don’t shoot! Oh, the possibilities, the paydays, the unrest and shakedown opportunities. But the facts were stubborn things. Brown never had his hands up. He never said “don’t shoot,” or anything remotely like it. The local prosecutor didn’t try to manipulate a grand jury into doing things his way, he presented every shred of evidence to the grand jury, every single witness, and so many of them lied. They lied to express solidarity with a felon of the same race. They lied to see a white police officer jailed, perhaps executed. They lied for street cred. They lied because their lives were lies and they knew little else. Those ridiculous, ludicrous, stupid lies, combined with the evidence, particularly the honest and honorable testimony of a few black witnesses, absolutely exonerated Darren Wilson. It wasn’t even close.

“Hands up; don’t shoot” came to symbolize the lies, not that the social justice crowd gave up easily, but the tide of mockery inspired by the truth overcame even their usually inextinguishable flame of arrogant, self-righteous misdirection and deception.

The Holder/Obama DOJ were giddy with hope, but it blew up in their faces. There was not only no evidence to support even the slightest possibility of guilt under Missouri law, all of the evidence proved Darren Wilson’s innocence. No matter how much they wanted the narrative to support their racist preconceptions, they had nothing at all, nothing that could even be warped to fit federal law. Very reluctantly, they had to abandon the effort–that particular effort.

What remains is the “black lives matter” thugs. They are most active these days in disrupting the political rallies of Socialist Bernie Sanders and Democrat Martin O’Malley, opponents of Hillary Clinton. They focus particularly on Sanders, who is, at the moment, the most serious threat to Clinton’s coronation. Let us not forget that Bill Clinton was lauded as America’s first “black” president. Perhaps some of that rubbed off on Hillary. She occasionally tries to fake a southern and/or black accent, which is among the most painful things I’ve ever seen or heard, worse than fingernails on a blackboard. One wonders if there is any connection between the Clinton Campaign and the “black Lives matter” thugs, but certainly a woman with Clinton’s sense of ethics would never do that.

Their primary reason for existing seems to be establishing racial superiority, as “all lives matter,” may not be spoken in the same sentence as “black lives matter,” and commonly moves them to violence. They react violently at the very idea of equality, a concept they–and many social justice cracktivists–hate with a passion, all of the accomplishments of the civil rights movement, abandoned in favor of division and rage.

What has the last year taught us? Nothing that anyone paying attention and willing to honestly and thoughtfully analyze the evidence didn’t know then.

There is no epidemic of white people killing black people. There is no epidemic of white police officers–or any police officers–wantonly and unlawfully killing black people. But there is an epidemic of black people killing black people.

Under the rule of law, all lives matter equally. When liberty exists, all men are free to live unmolested by government, and to make the most of their lives, the most their talents, determination and efforts can achieve. But there is a downside. Free men have no guarantee that others will worship them or their lifestyle choices. In fact, others might not approve of them. They may hold different ideas. They may even express disapproval–perhaps even public disapproval–of others and their beliefs.

This is what so frightens and enrages the social justice movement. They don’t want to live in peace. They don’t want others to live in peace. They want the power of government, to use it to force others to speak, act, even think in the right ways–their ways. They want the goods and labor of others. Thus does “diversity” become conformity. Thus does “equality” become some animals being more equal than others. Thus is freedom bondage.

Shall we memorialize Michael Brown every year? What, exactly, is there to honor? Are we to tell little children to emulate him? Is he to be pitied? “Yes son, be a slacker, use drugs, hang out with criminals, dare the police to stop you, attack and try to kill them, and you can be like Michael Brown too.”

Pity instead Darren Wilson and his family, an honest man who was everything Michael Brown was not. A man who did everything Michael Brown would not do. A man who, every day, risked his life to protect the citizens of his community, even citizens like Michael Brown. I’m sure he remembers that day, and will for the rest of his life, a life in hiding, a life lived under the radar. For doing precisely what we asked of him, for upholding the rule of law, for acting as one at the front of the battle over equal justice for all, for obeying not only the letter but the spirit of the law, and for doing exactly as any rational, reasonable police officer would have done, he lost his career, and any chance for a normal life.

Remember the day for what it was: an unmistakable lesson about the ravages of drugs, crime, and the breakdown of the social fabric of an entire race, a breakdown abetted and constantly driven by the same social justice, progressive forces that continue to deny the truth, and that delight whenever useful idiots cry “hands up; don’t shoot,” and “black lives matter.”

They do matter, as do all lives, but only because the rule of law, for the time being, exists, but not if they have their way.

UPDATE, 08-11-15, 1550 CST:  No kidding…