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HI-tech, military issue, anti-terror Venetian blinds

HI-tech, military issue, anti-terror Venetian blinds

Maybe it’s a good thing that we aren’t actively fighting Iran, or pretty much anybody else, after all. The Times Free Press reports: 

The Wall Street Journal has reported that Admiral Bill Gortney, head of the U.S. Northern Command, directed on Sunday that recruiting centers nationwide should implement ‘modest’ new security measures as the Pentagon considers more concrete steps in coming weeks and months.

Though Gortney did not authorize recruiters to carry weapons, a point that has spurred debate following a a brazen daylight attack by a 24-year-old Chattanooga man on two military facilities in Chattanooga, they do direct ‘recruiting centers, reserve centers and ROTC facilities to increase surveillance and take basic steps such as closing blinds at the offices,’ according to officials interviewed by the Wall Street Journal.

credit: thenewrepublic.com

credit: thenewrepublic.com

I suspect that, considering our Commander In Chief, it is highly unlikely that our service members will be allowed to carry weapons to protect themselves and others. However, if some slight provision is made, it is equally unlikely whoever is allowed to sort of carry weapons–and there will be very, very few of those–will be allowed to actually carry ammunition or to load those weapons.

The usual suspects are already saying that it’s much safer that our military members be unarmed in the face of terrorist attacks. Some of them actually believe that.

If we’re lucky, we can avoid war until Barack Obama leaves the White House to run the UN or take over as chief justice of the Supreme Court (yes, some are actually suggesting that). If we’re really lucky, the next president won’t be Hillary Clinton or any Democrat, and we’ll be able to begin repairing the damage to at least some small degree, and when we’re forced, by the lack of policies of Barack Obama, into war, our service members can probably carry loaded weapons, and actually fire them at our enemies without asking the permission of the DOJ or various military lawyers.

In the meantime, pray that not too many of our service members are forced to rely on closed blinds against bullets. Admiral Gortney surely has a bright future in the Obama Administration.

UPDATE, 072015 2355 CST:  There are also many reports that the DoD also thinks that stripping recruiters of their uniforms would be a good protective measure.  Put aside, for the moment, the utter cowardice, shame and lunacy of the most deadly military in the history of the world, rather than simply arming its troops, being reduced to hiding from Islamist barbarians behind blinds and in civilian clothing–in our own country!–rather than simply reducing them to their constituent atoms.  Now consider that even low IQ islamists are smart enough to know that the people in military recruiting centers, regardless of what they are wearing, are–how should I say this?–military?  Yes.  That’s it: military.

With this quality of military leadership, we may as well simply surrender now.