Muhammed Youseff Abdulazeez and his handiwork. credit:

Muhammed Youseff Abdulazeez and his handiwork.

It has happened again. A Muslim male has attacked two military targets. Four Marines and one sailor are dead, and one police officer slightly wounded. Chattanooga, TN police shot and killed the suspect, 24 year-old Muhammed Youseff Abdulazeez. If President Obama follows his standard operating procedure, the attack will be branded “workplace violence,” and the service members and their survivors will be denied the decorations and benefits due them.

As in the Fort Hood attack, the recruiting station and Navy support facility were gun-free zones, very soft targets. As many have already suggested the photo above reveals all that need be said about gun free zones. Some pundits are already suggesting that President Obama will have no choice but to allow service members to be armed. Mr. Obama, one of the most virulently anti-gun/freedom Democrats in history, will do no such thing. Go here to learn the reality of our gun-free military zones.  Most likely, private security or a few armed military police officers will be assigned to such places for a short time, just long enough for the media and public to lose interest and move on to the next Obama Administration outrage.

The FBI took over the investigation within hours of the shootings, and FBI Director Comey was briefing Mr. Obama in record time, two events that have never before taken place with such speed. Perhaps the federal government knew far more about Abdulazeez and his terror connections and motivation than they are willing to say. The FBI also quickly announced that it was investigating the case as “domestic terrorism.” More likely is that Mr. Obama wanted to figure out a way to deny any terror link so that, as he always does, he could continue to ignore the war against us and civilization that has been long ago declared and is being fought by our enemies. Certainly, even Barack Obama is embarrassed by a blatant act of terror–and the murder of four Marines–on the heels of his disastrous Iran deal.

The media have raised at least one pertinent question: can we stop lone (known) wolf terrorists?   This is a question long ago asked and answered by people that have been paying attention, but it’s worth a bit of explication.

Between the citizen and terrorist, there are several levels of “protection.” In most instances, however, there is little or no protection at all.

Level 1: The Federal Government

It is here that the larger terrorist plots might be stopped. All of the resources of the National Security Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Central Intelligence Agency, the FBI and a variety of other alphabet agencies may be employed, but there are millions of terrorists and few federal employees. Even if every single federal employee involved were highly trained, highly intelligent, and absolutely dedicated to discovering and thwarting every possible terrorist attack, many will slip through.

Unfortunately, our federal government is not so dedicated and capable. FBI director Comey, within the last week, admitted to Congress that while the FBI has thwarted many plots, it cannot catch them all. While rational people understand this, Comey’s admission was, for a federal bureaucrat in the Obama Administration, amazing.

Government is dedicated to increasing its size and enhancing its power above all, and under Barack Obama, these overarching goals have been expanded to obscene dimensions. The larger the federal agency, the more incompetent and self-serving it becomes. Under President Obama, the federal government has become weaponized, and rather than used against America’s enemies, enemies Mr. Obama refuses to name or acknowledge, it has been used against the American people, particularly political enemies of the President and his minions.

Intrepid TSA watchdog checking potential terrorist credit info

Intrepid TSA watchdog checking potential terrorist
credit info

The TSA, our first line of defense in the airline industry, is a bizarre joke. Its agents wander away from their posts, and search crippled little girls and frail, elderly women in wheelchairs while ignoring young Muslim men. Rather than adopt effective Israeli methods, we focus on the politically correct and enact only security theater. Our Air Marshall service has been all but destroyed.

Our CIA and military are forced to waste their time “fighting” global warming, and attending diversity training indoctrination. The latest initiative that Obamites claim will make our military stronger is to make transgender soldiers feel happy and accepted in their work. Mr. Obama has actually called global warming our most serious national security threat.  No doubt, Islamists will be happy–and surprised–to know our military, what’s left of it, will be thus distracted.

We make a show of throwing manpower at problems, but what good do additional people do when they’re not actually allowed to recognize or fight the war?

Even with all of these self-imposed restraints, the federal government does, amazingly, manage to identify and thwart many larger terrorist plots. Smaller plots, particularly those planned and executed by individuals or small groups, tend to slip through their nets.

Level 2: State Government

States work with the federal government in various task forces designed to deal with terrorism, but their intelligence assets are far smaller and less effective than those available to the federal government. In fact, much of their information comes from the feds, and is limited by what the feds are willing to share at any given time. Such information is commonly limited by political rather than security concerns. The overall responsibility for national security belongs to the federal government; the states take the back seat.

State police agencies generally have a few officers assigned general intelligence duties, but their primary focus must be on domestic criminals. They have even fewer manpower assets than the federal government, though those assets tend to be much more focused on actually doing their jobs.

Paradoxically, on the occasions that potential terrorists come to their attention, they usually turn that information over to the federal government. State agents tend to identify and thwart far fewer plots than the feds, and those tend to be lower level affairs.

Level 3: Local Government

Local law enforcement agencies are virtually always understaffed and overworked. With the exception of places like New York City, they are entirely focused on law enforcement in their jurisdiction. If they have intelligence assets at all, they tend to be a single ranking officer who does it as a minor offshoot of their primary duties.

Local agencies will, to the best of their abilities, look into suspicious people and events, but if they believe they’ve found potential terrorists, they don’t have the manpower to conduct even short-term surveillance, and pass the information up the chain to the state and/or feds.

Local agencies are poorly organized and staffed to deal with the identification and prevention of terror.


President Obama recently spouted yet another bit of extraordinary idiocy when he opined that ideologies are not defeated by guns.

His implication, added to the idea that all jihadists really want is good jobs, is that ideologies must be defeated by better ideologies. The point, of course, is that he is unwilling to use our military to fight the war, so we might as well get rid of another 40,000 Army troops.

credit: day by day used with permission

credit: day by day
used with permission

In the meantime, our enemies, unencumbered by such nonsense, are killing us and our allies quite efficiently, their guns neatly overpowering our superior, well-meaning ideology.

We are at war. We have been at war even before the Iranians took Americans hostage in 1979. The enemy is Islam. The Muslims that kill us and try to conquer the world to impose Sharia are following the letter and spirit of their faith. The Muslims that do not wish to kill anyone or conquer the world are not, in fact, practicing the letter and spirit of their faith. Unfortunately, it is the Islamists that will win such internal battles because they are willing to kill anyone–even fellow Muslims–that get in their way. The peaceful Muslims that practice something they call Islam, but which is something else, understand this, and will do little or nothing to stop Islamists lest they be killed. They understand their co-religionists in a very real way that Barack Obama, despite being raised a Muslim, refuses to acknowledge.

We’ve long ago entered a new era, but our President refuses to accept it or act upon its necessities. A good basic primer on the most recent iteration of reality can be found in the writings of Caroline Glick, here. We are not fighting a nation or group of nations, but the armies that oppose us are no less dangerous, particularly when they obtain nuclear weapons, which they will do, and sooner rather than later, thanks to Mr. Obama.

In the past, we relied on our overwhelming military strength, the deterrence of our nuclear arsenal, and vast oceans to protect us from attack. All of that is behind us. We have thrown open our borders and welcomed the people that wish to kill us. Our Islamist enemy cannot be deterred. They have no nation to lose. They pledge allegiance only to their own virulent stripe of Islam rather than to a nation or people. They embrace death as we embrace life, and have actually said they are willing to accept the mass casualties that a nuclear response would cause because that would represent only damage to the Islamic world, while Israel, for example, could be all but destroyed by a single nuclear bomb. As an international scourge, or as radicalized individuals within our borders, they cannot be effectively deterred, only refocused on softer targets.

Cold War deterrence, effective though it was, only works with nations whose leaders and people think fundamentally as we do. It works only with people who do not want to see their cities destroyed, their families incinerated, their people and nation obliterated. Ravening armies of terrorists who do not think in those terms cannot be deterred. Refusing to understand this distinction leads to disaster and death.

The New Model:

I recently wrote an article for Bearing Arms about the new paradigm.  It may be worth your time. It focuses on the reality that when a terrorist attack begins, the only people upon who we can depend to save our lives and the lives of those we love are ourselves.

This article is the first in a series. I’ve no idea how many installments it will eventually comprise, but do return in the coming weeks.

Fortunately, quite independently of the government at all levels, Americans have been preparing for just this situation. Since the ascension of Barack Obama, Americans have been arming and training themselves at unprecedented levels. Even many progressives have become first-time gun owners. Mr. Obama has truly been the greatest firearm salesman in history, which must enrage him to no end.

As state laws have been steadily liberalized to provide more and more firearm freedoms, Americans have responded by obtaining ever-increasing numbers of concealed carry licenses. Certainly, some of this increase in interest in firearms is due to increasing distrust of our federal government. Some of it is also a result of the understanding that the federal government cannot and will not protect us against terrorist threats. Unsurprisingly, as more honest citizens have become armed and capable, murder and violent crime rated have declined.

As Legal Insurrection observed: 

Overall, the number of concealed handgun permits has grown to nearly 13 million, and has seen a nearly 1.7 million permit (more than 15%) increase in the last year alone.

Dr. [John] Lott also notes that the states that have experienced the biggest drops in murder and violent crime also just happen to be the states that have experienced the biggest increases in concealed carry permits.



Lone wolf terrorists cannot be entirely deterred. However, they do take into account the nature of their targets. It is no coincidence that they prefer to attack advertised soft targets–gun-free zones. Because we are no longer fighting and suppressing terrorists in their lands, they are coming to ours. News of Chattanooga-like attacks will become more and more common, a weekly, perhaps, a daily companion of Americans. It will get worse, much worse, long before it gets better.

Honest, law-abiding, concealed-carrying Americans are now the first line of defense when a terrorist attack occurs. We are the new first responders, and there are many things to consider. We’ll begin that process with the next article, which will post on or about July 23.