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credit: Chris Muir, Day by Day

credit: Chris Muir, Day by Day

This deal meets every single one of the bottom lines that we established when we achieved a framework this spring. Every pathway to a nuclear weapon is cut off, and the inspection and transparency regime necessary to verify that objective will be put in place. Because of this deal, Iran will not produce the highly enriched uranium and weapons-grade plutonium that form the raw materials necessary for a nuclear bomb.’

Barack Obama announcing his deal with the Iranians

You were given the choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonor and you will have war.’

Winston Churchill upon Chamberlain’s return after signing the Munich ‘deal’ with Adolf Hitler

The deal has been made. There will be much more to write in the coming weeks, but for now, there are a few issues that might help us to understand where we are, and where the world is likely going.

Before getting into observations, we must ask and answer several questions:

credit: washingtontimes

Iranian Death To American Rally       credit: washingtontimes

(1) Can Iran be trusted to honor any agreement?

Absolutely not. The Iranian leadership is an apocalyptic Muslim death cult. Islam teaches that Muslims not only may lie to infidels, they must lie to infidels. While negotiating the deal, Iran violated many provisions of previous agreements, maintained its support for terrorism, was directly involved in plotting war against Israel, threatened, on a daily basis, to destroy Israel and America, committed acts of piracy against international shipping, and still holds at least four Americans hostage (the deal included nothing at all about them; they’re on their own). It continued to enrich uranium and worked every day to build nuclear weapons and to build the ICBMs necessary to threaten America, Israel and other nations, though it will probably not use that method to deliver its nuclear weapons.

From the beginning of the Islamic State of Iran to today, the Iranians have never done anything to demonstrate that they are anything but absolutely committed to establishing Islamic, Iranian dominance over the Middle East, and eventually, the world. They are directly responsible for hundreds of American deaths throughout the world, and have violated every agreement they have ever made with infidels.

It doesn’t matter whether Iran agrees not to build nuclear weapons for 15 years, or 15,000 years. Any agreement hangs on Iran’s integrity and honesty. Iran has never demonstrated either. Its intentions can best be understood in its never-ending threats to annihilate America and Israel. Iran can absolutely be trusted to do its best to keep those promises.

credit: nypost.com

credit: nypost.com

(2) Can Barack Obama Be Trusted To Enforce Any Agreement?

Absolutely not. He has established multiple “red lines” and ignored them all. His negotiating team earned the appellation “Iran’s Lawyer” for their constant excusing of Iranian lies and underhanded tactics. Fully aware of all of Iran’s cheating and violations of agreements and sanctions regimes, he did nothing–except support Iran and betray Israel. So craven and incompetent is he that he has driven Israel’s historic enemies into mutual defense understandings with Israel.

He knows that so-called “snap back” sanctions are impossible and will never happen. He also knows that the immediate relief of sanctions and the $150 billion he will be handing Iran will be immediately used to bolster its terrorist allies and to further enrich Iran. All of his claims of “bottom line” requirements of a deal, such as no uranium enrichment, no underground, secret facilities, etc. were lies. His claim that military action was always on the table is a lie. Iran never believed it for a second, Israel does not believe it, and neither do any of America’s many other enemies.

So determined is Mr. Obama that this deal be the crown jewel of his foreign policy legacy, that he will never do anything to in any way diminish that “accomplishment,” regardless of the consequences to America, Israel, and the world.

A transcript of Mr. Obama’s self-praising announcement is available here.  The full text of the deal is available here.  Virtually every claim he made has already been proved to be false, many by progressive sources.

(3) Are The Verification Provisions Of The Deal Sufficient?

Absolutely not. Only absolutely unfettered access to every possible Iranian facility would have any chance of catching Iranian cheating. The deal gives Iran absolute veto power over any inspection and military facilities are off limits. Iran, by the way, gets to determine what is and is not a military facility.

To inspect a facility, UN inspectors must make a specific request, which the Iranians then have 14 days to approve or disapprove. If they refuse, a lengthy period of consultations, conferences, appeals, etc. is invoked. The bottom line is simple: there is no verification. Iran can cheat with impunity and the only evidence of that cheating will be mushroom clouds rising over the cities of Iran’s enemies.

(4) Didn’t Iran Agree to Dismantle 2/3 of its Centrifuges?

Yes. See #1, #2 and #3 above.

(5) Didn’t Iran Agree Not To Produce Nuclear Weapons?

Yes. See #1, #2, #3 and #4 above.


credit: bloomberg.com

credit: bloomberg.com

Secretary of State John Kerry has been aggrandizing himself and betraying America since the Vietnam era. He has finally been put in a position to do horrific damage to America and her allies, and he has taken full advantage of it. The lives of millions will almost certainly be forfeit. He will almost certainly be lauded and given a Nobel Peace Prize, which will be worth fully as much as the prize awarded Barack Obama for being Barack Obama.

Wendy Sherman credit: bimzz.com

Wendy Sherman
credit: bimzz.com

Wendy Sherman, the #3 functionary of the State Department was instrumental in the nuclear deal with North Korea, which President Bill Clinton–a Democrat–praised as good for America, America’s allies, and world peace. It was, predictably, a disaster. Sherman was also instrumental in negotiating this deal with Iran. President Obama has praised it just as Clinton did his deal. It is and will be an ever-increasing disaster.

House Speaker John Boehner  credit: msnbc,com

House Speaker John Boehner
credit: msnbc,com

Congress will vote the deal down by simple majority. Unfortunately, President Obama will veto it. Equally unfortunately, there will be enough Democrats voting to sustain his veto. Some Democrats that initially voted against the deal will vote for it when it matters. Some Republicans may do the same.

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 8.24.29 PM

Hillary Clinton will dance on both sides of the line until she sees which way the political winds blow. She will ultimately support it; it’s her baby. Keep in mind that “support” may require lying about it until she is safely elected. Then her position will “evolve” back to absolute support and doing whatever is necessary to spin on Iran’s behalf.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu credit: foxnews.com

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu
credit: foxnews.com

Israel will act. It will act soon. It has no choice. Benjamin Netanyahu knows the Iranians very well. He also knows Barack Obama is his enemy. Because America will not support Israel militarily and damage Iran with conventional weapons, Israel may even use nuclear weapons in careful, limited ways.

Mr. Netanyahu understands that while Congress talks a good game, when it comes to the kind of military action necessary to deter and destroy Israel’s enemies, Congress will not come through, particularly under Barack Obama. Fortunately for Israel, most Israelis know that war is inevitable, and that it must be fought on Israel’s terms, before Tel Aviv–and much of the rest of the nation–is destroyed by nuclear weapons.  The full text or Mr. Netanyahu’s comments on the deal is available here.

In many ways, Netanyahu is like Churchill. In peace, his own people didn’t much care for him, but they were smart enough to know that in war, he was the only man that had the backbone and determination necessary to save them.

Israel knows that any attack on Iran will not be a limited strike. The Iranians will go berserk and unleash their proxy terror armies in Gaza and Lebanon, armies they have been rearming, for years, to previously unheard of levels. Israel will have to go to war with Iran, and in so doing, will have to deliver such severe initial blows that Iran’s ability to strike back will be crippled. Of necessity, any strike against Iran will have to be a multi-front war against multiple enemies.

Any conflict between Iran and Israel will have international consequences, not only in more terrorist attacks, but in Iran’s determination to harass or end shipping in and near its waters. This too, is inevitable.

The Nuclear Arms Race Is Already On: Saudi Arabia and its many Arab Allies have almost certainly already negotiated deals with Pakistan for nuclear weapons, and not just one. They never truly feared Israeli nucs, because they knew Israel could be trusted not to use them as conquerors or lunatics. They do fear Iranian nucs. They know the Iranians are lunatics and conquerors.

Consider that: even the Saudis, who have been supporting terror around the world for decades, fear the Iranians, and are willing to ally with Israel to keep them at bay.

There is no worse Commander in Chief in American history than Barack Obama. He truly believes America and her allies are the enemies of world peace. Committing what few American soldiers remain in our armed forces before he leaves office will result in thousands of needless deaths of our best and brightest, and will do nothing but embolden our enemies around the world. Fortunately, he would never commit anything but a token force, but even they would be in deadly danger due to insanely restrictive rules of engagement.

I pray that war does not descend upon us until we have an American president in the White House. I fear that we will not be nearly so fortunate.

It's deja vu all over again.

It’s deja vu all over again.

Final Thoughts:

I would like to believe that none of these predictions will come true. I would like to believe that our President isn’t a fool, a Marxist and a traitor.

Above all, I would like to believe that America will stand by her allies and defend liberty, but I can’t.

Perhaps, as the world continues to deteriorate all around us, perhaps as all of the lies of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and his minions become even more obvious, Americans will reject Clinton and elect instead a ham sandwich, anyone, anything other than Clinton or another Democrat determined to fundamentally transform America into a utopian, social justice paradise like Cuba or North Korea, and/or an economic basket case like Greece.

I’d like to believe all of that and more, but I’ve seen the future, and it is choked with blood, thanks to Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and their deluded, self-aggrandizing flying monkeys.