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credit: the blaze.com

credit: the blaze.com

As regular readers know, I have been writing about the Secret Service, and its dramatic decline under Barack Obama, for some time now. One would be tempted to think that Mr. Obama would want the Secret Service to be highly professional and capable as his life and the lives of his family are in their hands, but that would require rational, normal thinking. I’m sure Mr. Obama believes himself invincible, after all, early in his presidency he told a reporter he actually believes his own bullshit. And to people like Obama, nothing is more important than ideology. Destroying American institutions is his ultimate goal. My first four articles in the series, titled: “Can The Secret Service Be Fixed? are available in the initial article: 10-04-14), update 2: 11-22-14), update 3: (03-12-15) and update 4: (04-13-15).  Via Fox News, the latest:

The Secret Service took more than a year to replace an alarm system at the Texas home of former President George H.W. Bush, according to a watchdog report released Thursday. The Department of Homeland Security’s inspector general report said the 20-year-old alarm system stopped working in September 2013, but was not replaced until late in 2014. To compensate during the intervening period, an extra Secret Service agent was added to patrols around the 41st president’s property, according to The Washington Post, which first reported the story. ‘We did not identify any security breaches that occurred at the Houston residence while the alarm system was not fully functioning,’ according to the report, which went on to say that posting an additional agent ‘provided an acceptable level of security.

credit: observer.com

credit: observer.com

Oh great. One extra agent. For a year. For anyone that knows anything about personal security, the suggestion that this would constitute “an acceptable level of security” demonstrates that the Secret Service, like Barack Obama, thinks the American public to be profoundly stupid.

A DHS official told the paper that the Secret Service had made inspecting and, where necessary, upgrading the security systems at protectee residences a “top priority” after the arrival of agency director Joseph Clancy in October. The OIG’s office recommended the Secret Service evaluate the status of security equipment at all of the protectees’ personal residences and take any necessary action to ‘repair, improve or replace’ the equipment. It also recommended the agency’“evaluate the process for tracking maintenance requests at protectees’ personal residences to ensure its effectiveness.’ The Secret Service told Fox News on Thursday that it agrees with both of the OIG’s recommendation and has already taken steps to fully address them.

Oh, the Secret Service agrees does it? Good. Where, pray tell, was the Secret Service over the last 20 years, and particularly, over the last year when the system wasn’t working? Rational people reading this should be asking themselves why the Secret Service wasn’t doing all of that as part of their standard operating procedure. When the system broke, didn’t anyone think that worthy of mention? Didn’t anyone think that perhaps it ought to be repaired or replaced? Or didn’t they notice? Well, at least I’m sure that this is an unusual situation. Surely the Secret Service wouldn’t be this lax with the lives of other protectees! Oh no…

The OIG report exposes another embarrassing mishap for the beleaguered agency, which has come under heavy criticism for a series of security lapses and allegations of inappropriate conduct. Most notably, a man was able to hop the north perimeter fence at the White House and make it into the executive mansion this past September. The DHS report also cites some agency officials who say that the alarm system at Bush’s summer house in Kennebunkport, Maine, is in need of repairs and showing signs of imminent failure. The report does not mark the first time the Secret Service has had issues with security at a residence apart from the White House. In January, the Post reported that the security system at Vice President Joe Biden’s Delaware home had a long history of false alarms and other problems that led the Secret Service to turn the system off for months at a time.

Great. In Update 4, I wrote of the suspension of a manager in the Secret Service’s security clearance division, one Xavier Morales, for “allegations of misconduct and potential criminal activity.” So perhaps this, from the Washington Post, is not terribly surprising:

A rush to recruit additional Secret Service officers in the wake of numerous White House security lapses has led to a new problem: Several dozen of the fresh arrivals have been posted in sensitive positions without completing the required national security clearance process, according to two government officials familiar with the situation. Secret Service Director Joseph P. Clancy acknowledged the problem last week during a private conversation with Rep. Mark Meadows (R-N.C.). The lawmaker had raised the issue after hearing from a whistleblower who alleged that newly hired officers had been present for White House meetings in which classified material was shared, Meadows told The Washington Post. Clancy promised to fix the situation as soon as possible, a Secret Service official said Tuesday. The official said the agency is struggling to work through an ‘administrative backlog’ in issuing security clearances with the higher-than-normal volume of new hires.

credit: nationofchange.org

credit: nationofchange.org

Uh…if they’re this sloppy with security clearances, imagine how sloppy they were in hiring these new agents. Half of them are probably Chinese Army officers or Iranian intelligence operatives. Remember that Secret Service agents often go where the President goes, or where others they are protecting go. They are present for top secret meetings, and often overhear information that is, at the very least, sensitive. Having a mole in the Secret Service is surely a major goal of every hostile foreign intelligence service, and not a few friendly ones. Readers familiar with this series know of more or less newly appointed Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy, who has sworn to get the Secret Service back up to speed. Here he is, swearing again:

A Secret Service official said four to five dozen officers lacked security clearances last week before the issue was brought to Clancy’s attention. A little more than two-dozen of those were posted at the White House, the official said. Leary said the agency is quickly working through the list and as of late Tuesday was down to 10 officers without clearances. Leary declined to say what kinds of sensitive information the officers may have had access to.

I’ll bet.

Meadows, a member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said he reached out to Clancy because he considered the whistleblower’s allegations to be serious. Meadows told The Post it was ‘very puzzling’ that a violation of security standards was tolerated for so long and now could be resolved in a week.

Puzzling? Nah. Remember who the President is? As I mentioned at the end of Update 4, Director Clancy, like Barack Obama keeps finding out about all of these disasters from the media, long after they’ve happened. Or at least that’s the story… We can be sure of one thing: there are a great many more debacles that we’re not hearing about. Every additional day America survives under these Marxist idiots is underserved grace from the Almighty. Keep praying each day, gentle readers, for just one more.