Supreme-Court-Justices-2010-620x413My final article is now up at “The Truth About Guns.” Titled: The dictionary No Longer Holds, it’s about the likely effect of the two recent Supreme Court Decisions: King v. Burwell–the Obamacare decision–and Obergefel v. Hodges, the gay marriage decision.

These two decisions may very well give us a rare glimpse into the future, for if words have no accepted, commonly understood and used meanings, the very simple and direct text of the Second Amendment can and will be interpreted to mean that only the Government has a right to keep and bear arms. This would, of course, be absurd. Governments have powers, only individual human beings have rights, but that is a likely, indeed, probable consequence of these two decisions if the balance on the court shifts in favor of justices that are reliable votes for any progressive, social justice policy that comes along.

Remember that if they have a sufficient majority to grant cert to their favored cases, they can essentially legislate from the bench any and everything progressives cannot get from the legislative process, and they would have no difficultly, morally or constitutionally, doing just that.

This presidential election is of utmost importance. The next president will probably have the opportunity to appoint as many as three justices. Yes, I know, the weakling Republicans in Congress probably couldn’t confirm judges that would actually judge cases based on the law and the Constitution anyway, but even moderates would be better than the crazed leftists a Democrat would nominate, and the Republicans would do nothing to block.

If you have a minute, it may be worth your time, and this will be your last chance to see my work over there. As always, your comments are appreciated, particularly here at SMM.