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ISIS-Strategy-copyAs regular readers know, I have, for much of the last year, been writing a weekly column for “The Truth About Guns.” Robert Farago, the founder and editor of that site was kind enough to invite me to contribute, and I’ve enjoyed our association. But recently, they informed me that they are taking their site in a different direction, and my services will no longer be required.

This is common in the publishing business, and our parting is amicable.   I’ve enjoyed my time writing there. During that time, I’ve also contributed articles to Bearing Arms, the site where my former Confederate Yankee co-blogger and friend, Bob Owens, is the editor.

My newest article at Bearing Arms is The New First Responders.  The world is rapidly changing, and terrorist attacks on a small scale, which have been occurring on American soil for years, are now more likely than ever. Witness the warning about attacks on the 4th of July. While the Obama White House is trying to downplay that possibility and refuses to name the people that carry out such attacks–or their religious motivation–more responsible agencies are telling us they are very worried indeed.

If you have a few minutes, take the link and visit the article. It, and Bearing Arms–a fine journalistic endeavor–just may be worth your time.