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Ramirez-061715-Gitmo-WorldFor more than six years now, President Obama has been ignoring a declared war being fought against us, Israel, and western civilization in general. He not only refuses to actually name our enemy, he apologizes for them, and even directed NASA to focus on making Muslims feel good about the scientific accomplishments of their ancestors. He abandoned Iraq after tens of thousands of Americans sacrificed to hand him a war won and a nation with great prospects. His leadership from behind has turned the world upside down, making it a far more dangerous place, and birthed ISIS, perhaps the most dangerous threat to America the world has seen in this century. Even Jimmy Carter is now criticizing President Obama.

To be sure, Mr. Obama occasionally lobs a drone-launched Hellfire missile at a terrorist leader or two, and afterward brags about his manliness in terror war fighting, but he does it to avoid having to put more terrorists in Gitmo, and having to act upon the intelligence they provide. Sending soldiers to capture high-value terrorists does not well suit him.

While Mr. Obama has no plan to destroy ISIS, he does have a plan to destroy America. An integral part of the plan is to treat acts of war and terrorism as common crimes. To that end, he has been desperate to prosecute terrorists as common criminals when and wherever he can. He is also desperate to close Gitmo, even though doing so will mean releasing the worst of the worst terrorists, people that will return to the war. They’re not alone, as Fox News reports:

Robertson credit: foxnews.com

credit: foxnews.com

A gang leader-turned-radical-Muslim imam considered so dangerous he was kept in shackles and assigned his own guard while he was held in a Florida prison for four years has been freed by a federal judge who said he believes Marcus Dwayne Robertson is a ‘very bad man,’ but that federal prosecutors were ‘woefully inadequate’ in making their case for keeping him behind bars.

Robertson, a charismatic former U.S. Marine trained in special operations, once headed a murderous New York gang dubbed ‘Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves’ before resurfacing as a radical imam in Florida who federal sources say radicalized young men and sent them overseas to join terrorist groups. While locked up in the federal wing of the John E. Polk Correctional Facility in Seminole County on gun and tax fraud convictions, Robertson was shackled and held in isolation with an armed guard assigned to him exclusively. Whenever he was transported to court, a seven-car caravan of armed federal marshals escorted him.

Yet efforts by federal prosecutors to tack on another 10 years to his sentence, based on enhanced terrorism charges under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, were not persuasive enough for U.S. District Judge Gregory Presnell, who on Friday freed Robertson with time served.

Is this just another case of a crazy, liberal judge turning free evil people for social justice reasons? Not quite.

By all accounts, Marcus Dwayne Robertson was a very bad man, one of the leaders of a criminal gang that committed violent armed robberies in the early 1990s. … Robertson personally participated in more than a dozen armed robberies, and shot and killed several men,’ wrote Presnell in a June 25 sentencing statement.

However, Presnell said prosecutors took snippets of information from various sources out of context to make their case that Robertson is a terrorist leader, and never proved their case.

‘Notwithstanding the vast investigative resources of the United States, and years of effort, the prosecution’s proof is woefully inadequate,’ Presnell wrote. ‘The Court finds that the prosecution has not even come close to proving by a preponderance of the evidence that Robertson’s relatively minor income tax fraud was intended to promote a federal crime of terrorism.

credit: foxnews.com

credit: foxnews.com

Holding terrorists as prisoners of war, which is the purpose of Gitmo, has incredible advantages for American national security. Terrorists can be held for the duration of the conflict, and can be–entirely legally–tried by military courts, where handling classified or sensitive testimony may be done. Remember: these are people dedicated to the murder of Americans and the conquest of the world.  Moving such people and issues to civilian courts is a national security and safety disaster. All of the rules of evidence and guarantees of the Constitution work against the American people, a state of affairs jihadists find delightful and ironic. Much vital evidence cannot be used because it must be given to the accused and defense attorneys who often give it to the news media and/or terrorists.

What almost certainly happened in this case is the DOJ had no real case. Under Mr. Obama, the DOJ has been populated not with competent lawyers who wish to defend and uphold the Constitution, but with radical leftists who ignore the Constitution, support America’s enemies and work to undermine the rule of law in favor of progressive social justice outcomes.

Unsurprisingly, prosecutors had nothing to say about the case, and reporters were excluded from hearings “due to concerns about disclosure of classified information.”

Who is Robertson, and why is he so dangerous?

Robertson…has information that could be potentially dangerous to the U.S. if exposed. The information was acquired along his unlikely journey from U.S. Marine Corps 2nd Force Reconnaissance Company field radio operator, beginning in May 16, 1986, to his status now as founder and imam at the Orlando-based Fundamental Islamic Knowledge Seminary.

Released from active duty in March 1990 as a conscientious objector, Robertson had training in radiotelegraph, scuba diving, marksmanship, parachuting, terrorism counteraction, surveillance, infantry patrolling and finance. A year later, he showed upon federal law enforcement radar when he joined with other former Muslim security guards to form a robbery gang they called the ‘40 Thieves.’ With Robertson as the leader known as ‘Ali Baba,’ they robbed more than 10 banks, private homes and post offices at gunpoint, shot three police officers, and attacked one cop after he was injured by a homemade pipe bomb.

During the same period, Robertson served as a bodyguard to Omar Abdel Rahman, nicknamed the ‘Blind Sheik,’ who led the terrorist group that carried out the 1993 bombing of the World Trade Center. Robertson also donated more than $300,000 in stolen funds to mosques he attended, prosecutors claim.

Of course. This is just the kind of person that belongs in the criminal courts.

After he was arrested in 1991 along with most of the other members of the gang, prosecutors cut a deal with Robertson.

After serving four years in prison, Robertson went undercover for the FBI between 2004 and 2007 to document terrorists’ plans and networks in Africa, Egypt and the United States, but according to a source familiar with Robertson’s history, Robertson was thrown out of the program in Feb. 8, 2007 after he attacked his CIA handler in Africa.

Undeterred, Robertson quickly reinvented himself, founding his mosque and religious school in 2008 and taking the Muslim name Abu Taubah. He traveled the world, teaching at universities, including some in the United States, recruiting an extensive network of followers.

Under Islamic law, the Brooklyn-born Robertson married two women, Zulaika and Itisha Wills. Between them, and children he fathered outside these marriages, Robertson has 15 children.

By all means, read the rest of the article, which details Robertson’s terror connections and his dedication to jihad. It is not happy-making.

Judges in the criminal courts are bound by the normal laws of evidence and must accord every defendant all of the benefits of the Constitution, even those determined to use them to kill Americans. No doubt this contributed to the release of a very dangerous terrorist.

It should also be remember that Mr. Obama, again to the detriment of American national security, is normalizing relations with Cuba. The vicious communists in charge of that island prison get all of the benefits of normalization while America gets nothing. One benefit we can be certain Mr. Obama intends to bestow on Cuba is Gitmo. He will give our sovereign soil back to the Castro regime. That too figured in Robertson’s release.