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credit: politico.com

credit: politico.com

This was the scene at the People’s House, the temporary home of American Presidents, last night. President Obama took sides, and bathed the White House in the symbolism of an aggressive and angry gay supremacy movement, spitting in the faces of countless Americans who consider such symbolism insulting and immoral.

Of course, progressives have never had any respect for the sacred symbols and property of Americans, symbols, property and buildings that must remain non-partisan and must not be used to make cheap and offensive political points. When the Clintons left the White House, they stole virtually everything that wasn’t nailed down and were eventually forced to return it. Their henchpersons engaged in wholesale vandalism, including stealing all of the “W” keys from computer keyboards. Because they had no respect for America and Americans, the taxpayers had to buy entirely new keyboards and pay for the repair of damages.

And now, Barack Obama, who once pronounced himself, as a committed Christian, against gay marriage, celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision as a great civil rights victory. And then he appropriated the People’s House for a blatant political stunt.

I suppose we should have expected that. Why would a man who ignores the Constitution, writes some laws and ignores others, supports our enemies and harms our allies, and weaponizes the federal government, turning platoons of cheap progressive thugs loose on the public, be expected to refrain from using one of the most dignified and important symbols of America for thuggish political displays?

No American president should appropriate American symbols for party advantage–any party. Yesterday the progressives painted the White House with light. That precedent established, with what will they paint or decorate it for future “victories”?

We have not yet seen the depths to which Barack Obama and his progressive worshipers will sink.