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MP5 SD6, Right Side

MP5 SD6, Right Side

I was glancing over the statistics pages of the SMM site–sorry; they’re just available to me–the other day, and was interested, and a little surprised, by what I found. I don’t normally pay much attention to such things. I write about what interests me and what I think will interest readers. I don’t make money from SMM, and that’s OK. I do sell my writing elsewhere, and am always pleased that people will actually pay me for that, just as I’m delighted to be paid for singing.

I’ve been writing this scruffy little blog since October of 2011, when Bob Owens and I amicably parted our blogging ways from Confederate Yankee. That blog, sadly, no longer exists, even in archival form, though I did keep a copy of all my work there. Bob is now the editor of Bearing Arms, where I frequently contribute.

SMM now stands at about 980,000 hits, which means I am coming up fast on my first million hits. That certainly doesn’t put me in the top ranks of the Internet–far from it–but it’s not too bad, and for whatever relative success I enjoy, I have you, gentle readers, to thank. May reading my scribblings make you all younger, prettier, more astute, desirable, and the happy owners of every firearm you want, regardless of what you need. And may that fact alone drive tyrannical gun grabbers like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton crazy.

Oh…what was the point of this article? A top ten list! That’s it! That’s the ticket! This is a listing of my top ten articles thus far. Blogging is an interesting and surprising endeavor. I find myself laboring on a given article intensively, and proud of what I think is pretty good writing, post it only to find it laying there like a three-day old flounder. Other pieces, pieces I think merely workmanlike, take off like a skyrocket. Sigh.

As a professional musician, I perform from four-six times a year at Bass Hall, a truly world class venue, and though I’ve performed there more times than I can easily count, each and every time, I think to myself: “self,” I think, ”you’re onstage in Bass Hall.” I feel that way every time I realize that people link to and read this scruffy little blog around the nation, even around the world. The Internet is truly an amazing place.

So. On to my current top ten. I hope you have fun!

credit: starkraving viking.blogspot.com

credit: starkraving viking.blogspot.com

(1) 03-01-14, Connecticut: The Coming Storm. 50,158 hits, 168 comments.

This was my partially fictionalized commentary on the gross, anti-gun overreach of Connecticut politicians. It has been linked all over the ‘Net. Recently, Gov. Malloy admitted there isn’t much enthusiasm for even mentioning gun control in Connecticut anymore. I don’t imagine that will stop northeastern gun grabbers, but I’m glad to have had a hand in the process.

(2) 06-04-12, The Universe Has a Good Laugh. 13,552 Hits, 29 comments.

This was a brief article on an equally brief story about Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle (of American Sniper fame) in Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell’s book–Service: A Navy SEAL At War–which was the follow up to his first book later made into a very successful movie: Lone Survivor. This article became very controversial and has provoked a great deal of discussion around the nation.  As with many articles, I had no idea this brief article would have such impact.

(3) 05-01-13, Chris Kyle: The Universe Has a Second Laugh. 11,753 hits, 28 comments.

This article was made necessary by the all but overwhelming response to #9. Ultimately, I had to observe that I acknowledged the controversy by linking to those holding opposing views, and it was up to readers to decide, which is the way it should be in any case.

Rachel Jeantel  AKA "DeeDee"

Rachel Jeantel
AKA “DeeDee”

(4) 06-13-12, The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 11: The Dee Dee Interview–Kaboom! 9,492 hits, 384 comments.

The Trayvon Martin case, in many respects, put SMM on the Internet map. I was one of perhaps three blogs that covered the case extensively, and this was the most read of all my articles on that case. The TrayvonMartin case archive may be found here.  It was, with the able assistance of a reader that transcribed a considerable portion of the taped interview, the transcript–and analysis–of an interview of “Dee Dee”–Rachel Jeantel–by prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda. I added my explanations of what was happening in appropriate places in the transcript. “Kaboom” refers to the fact that the interview–and later, Jeantel’s testimony at trial–blew up in de la Rionda’s face. I suspect that for many, this post demonstrated convincingly that the prosecution had no case and George Zimmerman was, as his attorney said he would prove, absolutely innocent.

(5) 03-17-13, The HK MP5 SD6: Good, Clean, Sexy All-American Fun. 8650 hits, 9 comments.

This is, amazingly enough, a gun review. I can only suspect it has been so popular–every week since it has been published, many people read the article–because of the nearly iconic place the MP5 submachine gun family holds in counter-terror operations around the world. It’s just a cool little gun too! I think Walther owes me a piece of the action for having sold some of these guns for them. I’m not holding my breath.

(6) 05-06-14, SWAT: Manufacturing The Justification To Kill? 7188 hits, 47 comments.

This article, written around the time of the successful standoff against the feds by rancher Clive Bundy, apparently struck a chord. I had been writing on bad SWAT tactics and actions for some time, and still do, but this particular article just seemed to work for many people. The title is self-explanatory. I particularly like the headline photo of a SWAT troop with a holographic sight mounted backward on his rifle. Yikes!

Glock 26 9mm

Glock 26 9mm

(7) 08-24-12, A Daily Companion: The Glock 26. 6919 Hits, 15 comments.

This too is a gun review, particularly of my daily carry gun, the 9mm Glock 26. I’m not quite sure why this one has been so relatively popular. Perhaps it was the Glock history I included.

(8) 03-22-13, The Standard, The Glock 17. 6054 hits, 16 comments.

This is gun review of the iconic Glock 17, the handgun that began Glock’s dominance of the American law enforcement market, and of a substantial portion of the world civilian market. Not pretty guns, Glocks just work–damned well–and this was the model that changed the firearm world. My writing about it…not so much… Crimson Trace has a much smaller flashlight/laser combination available. I’ll probably switch to that one of these days.

(9) 01-04-12, The Chevy Volt: And It Costs A King’s Ransom To Repair Too! 5847 hits, 74 comments.

I’ve been writing about electric vehicles almost since I began this blog. My overall point is the technology is just not ready for prime time, at least not for most Americans. EVs are just too expensive and inflexible to be viable replacements for conventional vehicles. In addition, taxpayers are supporting the darned things, none of which make the slightest profit for their manufacturers, who are producing them likely to please–or more likely, to avoid the wrath of–Barack Obama. Of all the EV articles I’ve written, this one has provoked the most commentary and controversy, much of it from EV true believers. Read the comments; you’ll see what I mean.

(10) 03-22-13, The Trayvon Martin Case, Update 23: 2013 AD: Mt. DeeDee Erupts. 4472 hits, 322 comments.

This article revealed that the prosecution in the Martin case, and the Scheme Team of lawyers, such as Benjamin Crump who can commonly be found bottom crawling in the vicinity of many race-related cases, were involved in all manner of unethical, even illegal behavior in this case and their handling of “Dee Dee.” For those not previously aware of the utter corruption and incompetence of the prosecution in the Trayvon Martin case, this article must have been an eye-opener.