PlaneIn the aftermath of mass shootings there is a very human tendency to try to figure out why the killer did it and how such people can be identified and stopped before they kill. Virtually always, unfortunately, the answers to those questions are: they did it because they wanted to, because they liked it, and they can’t be identified, therefore they can’t be stopped. That does not, however, prevent some from asking the questions, establishing various commissions, and trying to legislate human nature.

Imagine, if you will, a federal agency powerful enough to detect current thought crime, and to stop possible future crime. Such an agency would have intelligence gathering powers beyond the NSA and CIA and manpower sufficient to establish surveillance on anyone who might be thinking of committing a mass shooting. It would, of necessity, be a super secret police/intelligence force. What could go wrong?

My weekly article for The Truth About GunsThe Federal Future Crimes Threat Assessment Agency—explores a proposal for just that kind of bureaucracy, a bureaucracy which would, of necessity concern itself almost entirely with the law-abiding, particularly law-abiding gun owners.ua

If you have a few minutes, take the link and see what our betters would like to do to “protect” us.