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credit: washingtonpost.com

credit: washingtonpost.com

With Barack Obama, it’s scandal overload, 24, 7, 365. We’re watching our own demise on TV in a house he has set on fire.  Mr. Obama is desperate in his determination to establish a lasting legacy. He need not worry.  He’ll have a legacy to rival the worst despots in history.

Can you remember, gentle readers, when we had presidents who had the occasional scandal, and those scandals were months, even years apart? In those days, a scandal was actually scandalous.  Now it’s scandal piled on top of scandal, day after day, so many people can’t keep up with them all, and Mr. Obama and his worshipers and spokesliars stand atop the growing pile shouting “look! A squirrel,” and “Ramadi is no big deal.”  We hear about the newest scandal–or most of us don’t–and we shrug our shoulders, mutter, “so what else is new?” and go about the daily business of survival in the age of Obama.

credit: obamagolfcounter.com

credit: obamagolfcounter.com.

China essentially owns America, our national debt is at nation-crushing levels and grows each and every day, more and more of the world wants to kill each and every one of us and more and more of our so-called “allies” don’t have the military strength to blow off their collective hats, not that any of our allies trust us anymore anyway. China is pursuing an aggressive military course in the Pacific, the Middle East is in flames, North Korea now claims to have miniaturized nucs they can fit on their ICBMs, which can reach the US–not that that is the only way, or even the most likely way, to detonate a nuc on American soil–and they’re aggressively dealing with the Iranians and other lunatics to supply them with weapons for the cash the North Koreans lack. The Saudis will probably be buying nuclear weapons from Pakistan, and every other state in the region will follow suit.

ISIS has all but taken over Iraq and is spreading like wildfire. We have had terror attacks on American soil for years, and there will be more, many, many more and soon. Iran threatens, daily, to finish what Hitler started, and in response, Mr. Obama insults and does all he can to harm Israel. The Iranians attack international shipping, and we do nothing lest the Iranians back away from a deal that will guarantee they’ll get the nuclear weapons they’re feverishly building with or without the deal.

Domestically, California, owing to decades of Democrat rule, and far more caring for bait fish than human beings, is about to dry up and blow away. Illinois, and Chicago, owing to decades of Democrat rule, are on the verge of total financial collapse and they’ve reelected Rahm “Deadfish” Emmanual as Mayor of the Chicago criminal machine. The IRS, EPA, TSA, the VA, you name it, are still fully weaponized and are being used against the American people every day, and the agency charged with cleaning up such corruption, the Department of Justice, is a partisan criminal enterprise.

And we now know, due to a new, previously stonewalled document release, the DOD, within hours of the Benghazi attack, told the President and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that it was a previously planned al-Quaida/Muslim Brotherhood operation. No video, no spontaneous demonstration by average Libyans who just happened to be carrying mortars, a planned terrorist attack.  Of course, they lied.  They all lied, repeatedly, to survivors of the dead, to the nation, even standing over the coffins of our dead.

And this litany of insanity, treachery, betrayal and treason is only a tiny portion of what Barack Obama has wrought.

And then I turn on Special Report with Brett Baier on Wednesday, May 20. What did I discover? Are you sure you want to know? OK then. Have you taken your blood pressure meds? Are you sitting down?

credit: sodahead.com

credit: sodahead.com

Item: Newly released documents from the raid that killed Osama bin Laden reveal that al-Quaida, even then, was not on the run or being decimated, but was increasing in size and actively recruiting.  They even had application forms asking them to designate beneficiaries if they ended up as martyrs and to recommend bomb makers and other specialized terrorists.

Item: After that raid, the one million plus documents seized were essentially ignored for up to a year. Actionable intelligence that could have disrupted terror groups and plots, saved innumerable lives, and helped preserve world peace and American national security, was not gathered or acted upon.  I wonder who gave that order?

Item: For decades, likely even before 9-11, al-Quaida and Iran have worked closely together and still do today.

Item: General Michael Flynn, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency under Barack Obama admitted that Barack Obama was lying to the American people and the Congress every day. Whatever he told Americans about al-Quaida was the opposite of the truth:

I would say from my perspective, it was just the opposite. You can’t sit here and say that al-Quaida was defeated when we’re still looking at elements of al-Quaida that are conducting operations.

That’s right.  Either Mr. Obama and all of his advisors were completely incompetent, or they were lying to keep alive his political narrative of the manly terror warrior and to ensure his reelection.

Item: During his commencement address at the Coast Guard Academy today, Mr. Obama warned of what he clearly considers America’s most threatening and dangerous national security threat: 

This is not just a problem for countries on the coast or for certain regions of the world. Climate change will impact every country on the planet. No nation is immune,’ the president said. ‘So I am here today to say that climate change constitutes a serious threat to global security, an immediate risk to our national security, and, make no mistake, it will impact how our military defends our country. And so we need to act — and we need to act now.

So. We have a president that is lawless and absolutely untrustworthy. He cares only about himself and his legacy and will sacrifice national security, even the continuing existence of America and western civilization for his own ends. Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democrat front runner for 2016 has been an integral part of the betrayal of democracy, liberty and the American people, and her own acts of corruption are already beginning to make a separate and mighty pile of festering criminality and civilizational poison.  She is no less adept at lying, stonewalling and attacking the innocent than Mr. Obama.

And with a world in flames caused by Barack Obama’s fecklessness and Marxist inclinations, he thinks our biggest problem is climate change. That’s what our military must focus on.  Of course, it’s a perfect fit with progressive ideology. It cannot be falsified. No matter what happens or fails to happen, it’s climate change. It requires unlimited and ever increasing amounts of taxpayer dollars, which are filtered to Democrat cronies who in turn donate substantial portions back to democrat politicians. It’s a perfect, utterly corrupt wealth redistribution scheme, and even the UN–the very model of corruption–admits that if it got every penny it wanted from America for climate change, it wouldn’t change a damned thing. Every global warming computer model has failed, every alarmist prediction for decades has failed, and we haven’t had any global warming for going on two decades, which has badly embarrassed climate scientists who can’t explain why all of their predications and projections have been wrong.

Mr. Obama pointing the way to a bright, new future

Mr. Obama pointing the way to a bright, new future

Of course, “scientists” can’t admit they’re simply wrong, and the scam is entirely too profitable for corrupt politicians to climb off the bandwagon.

But at the root of it all is a President who does not represent America, looking out instead only for himself and surrounding himself with like miscreants. He is at the epicenter of scandals that would have resulted in the impeachment of any Republican president; Democrats are held to a much lower standard because we expect them to be criminals and traitors, yet we keep electing them.

What kind of man would ensure that Iran gets nuclear weapons, even as Iran threatens us, our allies, international shipping, is killing Americans virtually daily, is, through its sponsorship of world-wide terror killing millions, and daily tells the world it will never allow inspections of its nuclear facilities?  An idiot?  An enemy of America and humanity?  The most malignant, destructive narcissist mankind has yet known?

Consider this: there are so many scandals, so many betrayals of America, that we can’t keep track of them all or keep them all straight. As soon as a new one comes to light, the Obamites begin the years long process of stonewalling and the DOJ will never prosecute any of its own. I suspect that even now, Mr. Obama and his DOJ are preparing pardons on a level never before imagined.

How can it be that this is happening in America?

credit: minutemanproject.com

credit: minutemanproject.com

Or is this America, or something else altogether? Have we already failed to keep the Republic the Founders gave us, and we’re just waiting for the total collapse to startle us into that realization?  What do you, gentle readers, think?