How often have we heard those that would deprive us of fundamental, unalienable rights–for our own good, of course–explain that such deprivation is necessary because we’re not smart enough to use those rights properly, we’re not qualified. This is all too common where firearms are concerned. Let the police have all the guns, they’re highly trained professionals. Citizens will just shoot themselves, their families, or worst of all, innocent criminals.

Like virtually everything anti-gun cracktivists have to say, that’s a lie. The police, by and large, are not highly skilled with firearms. Many are plainly frightening. Most are simply not gun girls and guys and don’t spend a penny in practice or training not offered by their agencies. Most rarely shoot for qualification, and qualification standards are weak indeed.

My weekly article at The Truth About Guns, titled “Leave Guns To The Police: They’re Professionals,” explores this issue.


I’d like to think that people, if they knew the truth about this, would be far less prone to want government to protect them, but of course, fact and logic don’t mean much to some people who have political or personal reasons to believe three impossible things before breakfast.

In any case, if you have a few minutes, the article may be worth your time, and as always, I appreciate your comments, there and here.