credit: brietbart.com

credit: brietbart.com

Writing a weekly article for The Truth About Guns is an interesting experience. TTAG is the most read gun blog on the Internet, with Bearing Arms, where I am also fortunate to write, a closing second. Perhaps the most interesting part of writing there is the comments.

My most recent TTAG article–Crime Deterrence and Solutions: The Micro Stamping Lie–focuses on the fact that micro stamping not only cannot deter crime, it will never, despite the lies of gun control advocates, help the police solve crimes.

If you have a few minutes, it may be worth your time, but consider these comments:

12 After Jody’s comment, I nearly replied:

OK. How about this: Micro stamping. Bad. The end.

A bit more thoughtful were these comments:

34See what I mean? Always interesting!