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L To R: Social Justice Martin, the real Martin, the result of social justice

L To R: Social Justice Martin, the real Martin, the result of social justice

Even for an administration that is a law unto itself, there are apparently some things that go too far. Via Fox News: 

The Justice Department announced Tuesday it will not file federal civil rights charges against George Zimmerman, the Florida man who was acquitted last year of second-degree murder for shooting Trayvon Martin, an unarmed black teenager.

‘Though a comprehensive investigation found that the high standard for a federal hate crime prosecution cannot be met under the circumstances here, this young man’s premature death necessitates that we continue the dialogue and be unafraid of confronting the issues and tensions his passing brought to the surface,’ Attorney General Eric Holder said in written statement. ‘We, as a nation, must take concrete steps to ensure that such incidents do not occur in the future.

Regular readers will recall that the Holder Department of Justice was instrumental in raising and stirring up the “issues and tensions” surrounding the death of Trayvon Martin by sending its own functionaries to Sanford, FL to keep the racial pot well and truly stirred. As many as 50 FBI agents descended on Sanford in the obvious hope of finding something, anything, that could be used against Zimmerman in the federal courts, but their investigation not only revealed no evidence to support federal civil rights charges, it revealed George Zimmerman is a virtual paragon of civil rights rectitude. To the chagrin of the DOJ racists and race hustlers, there isn’t a racist bone in George Zimmerman’s body, but there is, in fact, black and Hispanic DNA.

It was obvious, after the results of the FBI investigation were made known, that there could be no legitimate civil rights prosecution of Zimmerman, yet Holder and President Obama kept the racial pot stirred until today, obviously because they saw some political advantage–or at least some potential future advantage–in keeping the hopes and rage of social justice drones and the leftist base alive. And this was not, until today, a vain hope. President Obama has never allowed something as inconvenient and trivial as the law to get in the way of worthy social justice goals, and under his administration, the Department of Justice has become politicized and corrupted as never before in American history. Scarcely a week passes but that we hear about yet another group of corrupt federal prosecutors lying to the courts, withholding exculpatory evidence to obtain illegal convictions, or otherwise urinating on the Constitution.

Even with this announcement, the Narrative will never die. Even Fox buys into it:

Thursday marks the third anniversary of Martin’s death.

The decision, announced in the waning days of Holder’s tenure, resolves a case that focused on self-defense gun laws and became a flashpoint in the national conversation about race two years before the Ferguson, Missouri, police shooting.

Zimmerman has said he acted in self-defense when he shot the 17-year-old Martin during a confrontation inside a gated community in Sanford, Florida, just outside Orlando. Martin, who was black, was unarmed when he was killed.

Once Zimmerman was acquitted of second-degree murder by a state jury in July 2013, Martin’s family turned to the federal investigation in hopes that he would be held accountable for the shooting.

Yes. A flashpoint upon which the Holder DOJ and President Obama, who called Trayvon Martin the son he never had, continuously poured gasoline. Mr. Obama, however, was more right than he imagined. Trayvon Martin was a criminal, slacker, drug user and thug, all qualities that could reasonably be applied to Mr. Obama throughout his life.

Not only did Zimmerman say he acted in self-defense, the prosecution proved it. That Martin was unarmed is irrelevant, yet it has become an inseparable part of the narrative which helps to keep the racial pot stirred, as it did in the Michael Brown case, where Brown too was unarmed, but not for any lack of trying to seize Officer Darren Wilson’s handgun that he might use it to kill Wilson.

This decision by the DOJ will, of course, be seen as a gross violation of social justice principles and The Narrative. By those measures, the law, which requires actual evidence that Zimmerman was racially motivated when he fired one round in self-defense, could not be the determining factor of Zimmerman’s culpability.

That probe focused on whether the killing amounted to a federal civil rights violation, which would have required proof that it was motivated by racial animosity. Although Martin’s parents have said Zimmerman initiated the fight and racially profiled Martin, the Justice Department said there was not enough evidence to bring federal civil rights charges, which would have required proof that the killing was motivated by racial animosity.

‘Although the department has determined that this matter cannot be prosecuted federally, it is important to remember that this incident resulted in the tragic loss of a teenager’s life,’ Acting Assistant Attorney General Vanita Gupta of the Civil Rights Division said in a statement.  ‘Our decision not to pursue federal charges does not condone the shooting that resulted in the death of Trayvon Martin and is based solely on the high legal standard applicable to these cases.

Ah yes, what a tragedy that a “high legal standard” got in the way of social justice. Why can’t we just execute anyone that legitimately, lawfully employs self-defense when attacked by a member of a politically favored victim group? That’s real justice–social justice.

No one should, for a moment, imagine that actual standards of law were the determining factor in the DOJ’s decision. Were that the case, this announcement would have been made years ago. This was a political decision. Clearly, Mr. Obama and Mr. Holder and their sycophants came to the inescapable conclusion that there was no longer any real political advantage in dragging out the inevitable, or that the advantages of trying to charge and try Zimmerman would be outweighed by the disadvantages and might serve as more of a distraction than an aid to Mr. Obama’s political intentions in the final stretch of his presidency.

And what might be “…concrete steps to ensure that such incidents do not occur in the future”? Obviously, Mr. Holder would prefer a relaxation of the legal standards in civil rights cases so social justice rather than the rule of law might prevail. However, as the actual evidence in the case (the Trayvon Martin Archive is available here) revealed, the concrete steps necessary to avoid tragedy in this case–and in most others–are as obvious as the rules of decent and productive human behavior they embody:

1) Do not use illegal drugs.

2) Do not break the law.

3) Stay in school and take individual responsibility for learning.

4) Do not, without provocation, ambush and attack strangers.

Most Americans, willing to take the time to actually consider the evidence in this case, long ago understood that there is no need for a “dialogue” or “conversation” about race relating to this case or the Michael Brown case. There was no “racial profiling.” Race had nothing to do with either case, until Holder, Obama and the racists and race hustlers in the federal DOJ, the media and the racial grievance industry invented a racial element and fanned that weak and faltering ember as feverishly and as long as they could.

The final chapter in this story has yet to be written. The forces of racial hatred and social justice are not done with George Zimmerman.