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Biden 1I like women. I like them because they are women, and for the gentle, intuitive, fine qualities that only women possess. When a woman thinks enough of me to willingly, and without prompting, favor me with a small bit of affection–a touch of her hand, a hug, a kiss on the cheek–I am humbled and honored. But–and this is a very large qualification–I will never impose myself on a woman. I will never touch, hug or kiss them unbidden. And because I am a large man, I am careful even to stay out of their personal space. They can move into mine–women that are comfortable with others commonly do that–but I still do not touch them.

I do not touch my students–male or female–with the very occasional exception of girls that spontaneously want a hug, but that is very rare and normally confined to kids with whom I was close that have already graduated, and even then, I am careful to make the hug as sterile as possible and keep my grip loose, my hands in the area of the shoulders. For a contemporary teacher, this is essentially mandatory.

And then there is Vice President Joe Biden. The photo at the top of this article is at the installation of Ashton Carter as the new Secretary of Defense. Mrs. Carter is the object of Mr. Biden’s sloppy affections. Anyone that knows women can tell how uncomfortable she is, yet she has the class not to embarrass the Vice President of the United States.

The photo below is of the swearing in of Senator Chris Coons. The young woman Biden is chasing is Coons’ young daughter. The video shows her repeatedly swaying away from his attempt to kiss her as subtly as she can. Notice too her great discomfort.

Biden 2Consider that wherever Biden goes, he is surrounded by Secret Service Agents who would attack anyone that so much as raised their voice at him. Consider also that few people, as much as they might be moved to do so, will not raise their voice or hands to the Vice President of the United States merely because of his position, as these bikers obviously wanted to do…

credit: newsfeed.time.com

credit: newsfeed.time.com

And here is Mr. Biden with his hand on the waist of a young girl…

credit: baylorfans.com

credit: baylorfans.com

And here is Mr. Biden, apparently at a Christmas gathering of some kind. Note the body language of the woman he is “handling.”

Biden 5

There are many, many more such photos available stretching back many years. Wasn’t it the Democrats that are supposed to be the champions of women? Wasn’t it the Republicans supposedly waging a “war on women?” Aren’t Democrats supposed to be the elite, the hyper civilized exemplars of moral superiority? And isn’t Joe Biden #2 in Democrat leadership in America?  Double standard?  Imagine how the press and Democrat–I know; I repeat myself–would savage any Republican crude enough to do the same thing.

I know too that some will say: “Oh, that’s just Joe!” Yes. Joe who gropes little girls and the wives of cabinet officers. That’s the man the Democrats chose to represent them a heartbeat away from the presidency. Every Republican or pseudo-Republican that makes the slightest social slip stands for them all. Why doesn’t Biden stand for Democrats? Why doesn’t he exemplify their beliefs and qualities? Why does he get to be just plain old Joe?