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burnedalive2_20150203_175412This, gentle readers, is who we are fighting–rhetorically. This is who is supported by Iran. These are the subhuman beasts that would be delighted to do this, and worse to you, your children and everyone you know and love.

This is the face, the reality, of Jihad. It doesn’t matter to which Islamist group they belong, all of them are barbarians willing to murder each other and us. And we’ve know it since 9-11. People paying attention knew it long before.

They don’t wear uniforms, they don’t adhere to the Geneva Conventions, and they observe no civilized code of conduct in war. Under the laws of war, we owe them nothing more than a bullet in the head when they are captured and we’ve finished wringing every bit of intelligence out of them we can. The Jordanian pilot had been immolated for about a month while the demons that killed him negotiated with Jordan to try to win the release of a female suicide bomber. Islam specifically teaches Muslim to lie to infidels in the pursuit of war, and they consistently do it. If for no other reason, this is why we cannot trust negotiations with any jihadists, especially Iran.

Obama And how did Mr. Obama respond in a meeting with the King of Jordan?

Whatever ideology they’re operating off of…it’s bankrupt.

Really?! He has no idea of their ideology?! And whatever it is, it’s bankrupt?! What harsh words, what blistering rhetoric. I’m sure ISIS is horrified and taken aback by Mr. Obama’s obvious resolve. These demons burn a man, an ally, a prisoner of war, alive and the President of the United States can’t be moved to do or say more than to call whatever ideology was involved “bankrupt”?! To be fair, he did say the actions of ISIS were evidence of “barbarity,” and look at the steely determination and righteous anger on his face in the photo above.

Jordan got it right. When they learned their countryman had been so brutally murdered, they killed two ISIS jihadists in their custody, including the evil female suicide bomber. Would that they could kill them all.

The Jordanian king has reportedly asked Mr. Obama for resupply of bombs, bullets and other necessities so he can do his part to actually, rather than rhetorically, destroy ISIS. At present, it appears the only support Mr. Obama is authorizing is rhetorical.

These people are almost certainly already here; they are going to attack us on American soil. I wonder what Mr. Obama, over the bodies of American dead, will have to say about that. Will he be able to identify the ideology involved? Will he admit that ISIS are Muslims? Will he be able to speak with words “Islamic” and “terrorist” in the same phrase?

No. He can be counted on for only a few things: playing golf, spending our money on lavish parties and vacations, hindering and insulting our allies, and aiding our enemies. I wonder where the King of Jordan stands in our Constitutional line of presidential succession?

It’s them or us. George W. Bush was right. You’re either with us, or the terrorists. There is no middle ground.