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The demolition of Sandy Hook Elementary School

The demolition of Sandy Hook Elementary School

Regular readers know I’ve been following the Sandy Hook attack and the aftermath for some time. The most recent after effects have been the announcement that the killer’s home will be demolished, and a lawsuit filed by survivors against Bushmaster, the company that manufactured the rifle used in the attack. The Truth About Guns has published my article about that lawsuit, titled: “Gun Control By Any Means Necessary.” 

It matters not that a federal statute prohibits suing firearm manufacturers, alleging, as this suit does, that the gun involved was somehow evil and good only for killing. The law made clear that firearm manufacturers may not be sued for frivolous reasons, only when their products are defective. Were this not so, all manufacturing would come to a halt because manufacturers could be sued for the easily foreseeable consequences of the misuse any common, lawful product that was not defective and that worked as it was designed to do.

Such suits are therefore filed in bad faith, the attorneys filing them understanding that they are violating the law. As much as people of good will empathize with those whose loved ones were killed and injured by a madman, lawsuits are not a proper means of expressing anguish or sorrow. Remorseless, unethical anti-liberty activists use tragedies to further their destructive agendas, as in this case, to punish the innocent, and to try to damage, even destroy, a fundamental liberty.

If you have a few minutes, the article may be worthy of your time.