I’m resurrecting a feature I haven’t posted for some time. I often run across stories that really aren’t worth a longer article, so it’s time to once again toy with Quick Points. Let me know, please, what you think gentle readers.

credit: nypost.com

credit: nypost.com

NYPD v. de Blasio:

Hizzonor is now claiming that the thousands of NYPD officers that turned their backs on him at the funerals of slain officers were in actuality being disrespectful to the survivors of the dead officers. I suspect those survivors were simply too polite to tell Mayor Bill de Blasio to get the hell out, and officers silently turning their backs on the mayor are making a polite but powerful protest. That’s why de Blasio is upset.

He’s also upset because he has no idea of the difference between “deference” and “respect.” No NYPD officer owes him respect. That’s earned, over and over, each and every day, and he has demonstrated himself manifestly unworthy of it. The most recent insult: he reappointed a lunatic judge who recently released, without bail, a felon charged with threatening the lives of NYPD officers. He also had a variety of other pending felonies.

Considering anti-police protestors get away with all manner of breaches of the peace, destruction of property, blocking traffic, assault, looting, theft, arson, etc., turning one’s back is a very mild, constitutionally protected protest. It’s also visually stunning and memorable and very much a reflection of de Blasio’s character, which is why he, and his supporters, hate it so much.

Anything That Can’t Last, Won’t:

According to Fox News we discover that the most recent, 2014, round of Obamite regulations and rules will cost the economy $181.5 billion dollars. That means higher energy costs, more expensive goods and services and fewer jobs. Obamacare, at the moment, is costing us 41.3 billion alone. At one time, a billion dollars was a lot of money. Now, Beltway bureaucrats and politicians blow so much money with such casual glee, a billion seems like pocket change.

No one is talking about the national debt these days, but it’s still there, and the economy could, with very little provocation, collapse.

If Republicans don’t use this regulatory blizzard to good political effect, they’re idiots.


They’re What?!

Reports are that Democrats–mostly–in the Congress, and of course, those in the White House in particular and the Administration in general are very upset about a recent development: lower gas prices.

Is there any more obvious indicator that these aliens are not the same species as those of us that actually have to pump gas into the tanks of our cars and use that gas to maintain our lives?

Testing To Failure:

Several months ago I read an article in the Ft. Worth Star Telegram quoting a Texas state legislator who was starting to realize, apparently for the first time, what damage mandatory, high stakes testing does. The last two years have seen the advent of the new STAAR tests, and they’ve been absolutely brutal. The problem is they require—in the pursuit of “academic rigor” abstract reasoning of 15 year-olds. The problem is that 15 year-olds aren’t capable of abstract reasoning; their brains are simply not sufficiently developed at that age. This is not a little-known concept.

In any case, that legislator was suggesting that the legislature might have to do something about that because 30,000 or so Texas teens were expected to fail the test—now there’s a surprise—and therefore be denied high school graduation.

And for that, we in Texas are paying Pearson—the company that makes the tests—hundreds of millions of dollars. Education has less and less to do with education.

The Perfection Of Progressive Policy:

Two NYPD plainclothes officers were recently shot by a robbery suspect.   Fortunately, both survived and are expected to recover. I have a single question:

Since NYC is a gun-banner’s dream come true, how is this possible? How could a criminal possibly have a gun?

Hoist on Their Own Petard

Oh, how delicious is irony when the self imagined elite throw the pin and hang onto the grenade.  The faculty at Hah-vahd, don’t you know, are shocked, shocked! to learn that the very Obamacare law they supported and praised is actually raising their medical insurance expenses! How can this be? Laws are for little people. The elite ought to be exempt from the laws they force down the throats of the commoners!

But that’s nothing compared to the righteous anger of the White House at the betrayal by their academic lap dogs.

One can only imagine–with some degree of perverse glee–the anguish of the Harvard professoriate at learning that Barack Obama lied to them. Lying to the masses for their own good, that’s one thing, but lying to the elite? Unconscionable!

Perhaps someone should ask MIT’s Johnathan Gruber if his Harvard colleagues are stupid?

credit: fancydressball.co.uk

credit: fancydressball.co.uk


Texas has a ridiculous number of official state symbols.  It has, for example, an official bread: pan de campo (cowboy bread), an official flying mammal: Mexican Free Tail Bat, and official cooking implement: the cast iron dutch oven, and official stone: petrified palmwood. I can just hear the stirring debates on the floor of the legislature proclaiming the nobility of various bats, breads, spatulas and rocks.

Well, Texas is now set to become the first state with an official hat. Guess.

credit: tpm.com

credit: tpm.com

Another Bubba Eruption

No. It couldn’t possibly be so. Bill Clinton involved in another sex scandal? Not Bill Clinton!

This one revolves around billionaire Jeffery Epstein, an apparently close pal of Clinton’s. Circa 2002-2005, Clinton frequently flew on Epstein’s private jets, and hung out at his Carribean island–yes, island–where underage girls wandered and lounged about nude. Epstein finally faced justice in 2009 for his dalliances with underage girls, and now, it’s all blowing up again. 

While Clinton was never deposed, lawyers obtained Epstein’s computerized phone directory, which included “e-mail addresses for Clinton along with 21 phone numbers for him, including those for his assistant (Doug Band),” according to a court filing.

Ruh-roh, Shaggy!

Those Damned Men!

The forces of social justice are at it again. This time, they’re fighting the scourge of “manspreading.”  And what might that be, you ask?   Why, men spreading their legs too far apart when they’re sitting on the subway! And what is too far? Just about any distance that bothers a radical feminist. They’re doing it to push their male dominance and expose their balls, you know.

I doubt anyone is surprised this is taking place in NYC. Take the link and read the whole thing, but I warn you, if you weren’t already aware there are so many absolute female lunatics out there, the article could be unsettling and paranoid-making.


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