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BushThis is the Santa story of the Christmas season: 

George W. Bush is nothing if not a good sport.

And in no better way was that illustrated when the former President donned a Santa suit for a hospital visit in Dallas.

The 68-year-old was handing out toys at the Children’s Medical Center of Dallas to patients who have to spend Christmas at the facility.

The family that posted the picture of Bush to Facebook lost one of their twin daughters earlier this year to a heart disease called restrictive cardomyopathy.

‘Guess who just came and gave Emily a Christmas present dressed in a Santa suit with Secret Service and all?!?!?………. Pres. George Bush,’ mom Natalie Smith posted to Facebook on December 16.

Her daughter, Shayde, died in January.

How many politicians would turn this sort of thing into a press opportunity focusing entirely on them and/or whatever policy they’re touting at the moment?

Her surviving daughter, Emily, has undergone a heart replacement, but is constantly in and out of hospital as her body rejects the organ.

The family have been raising money for Emily’s medical expenses on GoFundMe.

There were reports on Twitter that Bush’s secret service detail dressed as elves to accompany him.

Bush, who was succeeded by Barrack Obama in 2009, has lifetime secret service protection, as do all former Presidents.

The Republican, who lives in Dallas, has kept a low profile since leaving office.

George W. Bush: for leftists, the locus of all evil in the world. This is the man the Left still blames for everything wrong in the world. This is the man the Left continues to denigrate and slander at every opportunity.

As with virtually everything about the Leftist world view, it’s entirely delusional. What most people don’t know is that George Bush does this kind of thing all the time, and never does he call the press, never does he call attention to himself. No one would know about this act of kindness were it not for Mrs. Smith who recognized it for what it was and posted it on Facebook.

We are defined by what we do far more than by what we say. This gentle readers, is Christian love and charity in action. I don’t agree with everything Mr. Bush did or believes, but I’ve never, for a moment, doubted his kindness, character, generosity, and love for America and Americans.

Look in the dictionary this Christmas under “class” and you’ll see George W. Bush’s photo. I’m too polite to note under which words you’ll find photos of his mean-spirited, narcissistic, arrogant detractors.