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Credit: riehlworldview.com

Credit: riehlworldview.com

Any gun owner that is not politically aware, that does not know precisely where their senators and representatives, and the leaders of the two primary political parties stand–and vote (rhetoric and action are often two very different things)–on the Second Amendment and every issue relating to it, is relying, as Tennessee Williams wrote in A Streetcar Named Desire, on the kindness of strangers. Where unalienable, fundamental rights are concerned, that’s not a smart way to live.

With that in mind, I’ve updated a series I began years ago on the rationale for gun ownership. Part two of the portion of that series dealing with the politics of guns–A Gun Ownership Primer: Political Realities, Part 2–is now up at Bearing Arms.

If you have a few minutes, it may be worth your time.