SunKingObamaOn Friday, November 21, 2014, Americans rose from slumber in a new nation, a nation not conceived in liberty, nor dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal. By the blatantly unconstitutional ruses of “prosecutorial discretion” and imperial impatience, President Obama has swept away any restraint on presidential whim. He now unquestionably rules by edict, and all Americans are no longer free men and women, but subjects liable to awaken tomorrow to find more and more of their liberty, their opportunity, their ability to live their lives as they choose, gone.

President Obama has thrown down the last, definitive card. If all of his previous usurpations of the powers of the legislative branch, if every instance of his demonstrated contempt for the very real and specific constitutional limitations on executive power were not enough, his immigration power grab has made it plain: if he gets away with it, American democracy is dead. The constitutional republic so carefully designed by the Founders is no more. Barack Obama, “the One,” the progressive messiah, he who commands the waxing and waning of the seas and the healing of the Earth, the one we’ve been waiting for, has kept a single promise: he’s fundamentally transformed America. In so doing, he has also transformed a promise into a threat the likes of which Americans would scarcely have given credence in the recent past.

Republicans will not impeach Obama. We are, in 2014, well beyond Mr. Smith. Going to Washington, Mr. Smith is immediately corrupted, concerned only for his personal enrichment. We are beyond honest, ethical men and women doing what is right for the nation, sacrificing their political viability in an attempt, perhaps vain, to preserve constitutional democracy simply because it is the right thing to do, to say nothing about the necessity of preserving and strengthening it lest the world be plunged into a new dark age.

Some Republicans are swearing to do all they can to impede Mr. Obama, but none of that can take place until January, at the earliest, and then, congressional Republicans will almost certainly do what they do best: demonstrate why they have justly earned the name “the stupid party.”  The first step of that stupidity would surely be thinking the American public voted for them rather than against the Democrats and Barack Obama.

The Supreme Court, if it chooses, may invalidate Mr. Obama’s executive usurpation—the courts have repeatedly done just that—but there is a significant problem: of what good is a court ruling when we face a president that doesn’t obey any law with which he disagrees and that chooses to write his own? Barack Obama is lord of the Executive branch, the branch of government that has sole power to enforce any judicial ruling. Judicial orders are implemented only because the rule of law prevails. Barack Obama has, in large part, abolished it. If his view of immigration “reform” is truly so important, so vital to America’s future that he tramples the Constitution to impose it, what is stopping him from saying to the Supreme Court: “nice little ruling you got there; what you going to do about it?”

Republicans would be fools—I know; I repeat myself–not to immediately wield what raw power they can to roll back, to the greatest degree possible, the incalculable damage Democrats have already done, and not only in immigration. Forget the nobility of honoring their oaths of office; they must do it to reassert their constitutional obligation and duty to legislate.

They must, in January, 2015, invoke the nuclear option in the Senate: 51 votes decide any issue. They must kill the filibuster, and change any rule—within constitutional boundaries—that will give them the advantage and the maximum chance to, at the least, check Mr. Obama’s—and the Democrat’s–lawlessness and contempt for the American people and democracy.

In the House, Republicans need not shut down the government. There are hundreds of small ways they can cut off the lifeblood of tyranny: taxpayer money. They can make life miserable for the bureaucrats and other parasites that delight in harming Americans, and they can do this without shutting off necessary governmental functions.

I am not suggesting that Republicans violate the Constitution—Democracy can’t be saved by its willful destruction; honor can’t be restored by the dishonorable—but that they use every tactic, even shady tactics like reconciliation that was misused to pass Obamacare, to save democracy. They can, and must, be absolutely politically ruthless and remorseless. Treat the Democrats like Democrats have treated them and the American people, and use Democrat tactics.

The consequences of failure to do whatever is necessary to turn Democrats into the pariahs and traitors they are and should be known as are terrible indeed. At best, we will turn into a dictatorship with democratic pretentions. At regular intervals, we will vote, but only to determine which particular gang of blood-sucking thugs we want to rule us for the next term of office.

Understand that despite his juvenile appeal to emotion, Mr. Obama’s actions are not based in empathy or mercy, but in the most base, anti-American political calculations. He is importing millions of people, many of whom will be, for substantial portions of their lives, dependent on government entitlements, which Democrats will always labor to promise and occasionally, provide. These are people who have little appreciation for the traditions and culture of America. Many have no intention of assimilating, and some angrily and actively resist it, building a new chauvinism for the lands and ways of life they have fled.

Nor will a Democrat-controlled America require that such people assimilate, because having them at odds with native-born Americans is in their political interests. Millions of immigrants willing to violate the law to vote are a great benefit for Democrats, as are millions who have no expectation of exercising basic, unalienable American rights such as the right to keep and bear arms. The children of these immigrants, future generations, will also tend to share these social pathologies and will make it easier for tyrannical governments to disarm the American people and to make them accept less and less individual liberty.

To be sure, Mr. Obama and his allies like the racist La Raza, fully expect short-term political advantages, but Barack Obama, like all good tyrants, is fundamentally playing the long game. In this he is in particularly bad company, such as the Chinese, Vladimir Putin, the North Koreans and jihadist Islam. If he can’t force the current generation to accept his anti-American, anti-liberty agenda, he’ll seed the permanent bureaucracy with agents of that kind of hope and change, infest the Federal bench with progressive judges with lifetime appointments, and grow new generations born to his creed.

Where he can’t grow them domestically, he’ll import them.

In a very real way, Mr. Obama is the logical successor to communism, a belief system he fundamentally embraces. His mentor, and a father figure, in his youth was Frank Marshall Davis, one of American’s most vicious, dedicated and infamous communists. As an economic system, Communism collapsed—that was inevitable—but as a murderous system of oppression and enforced human misery, it never gives up. It is always biding its time, agitating for advantage, lying, engaging in dirty tricks, harming its opponents and waiting for the day that it can be more overt, the day it can gain absolute power. We see Communist lust for power and control reasserting itself in Russia, and how does Mr. Obama respond? With a mislabeled “reset” button wired to nothing but the empty-headed, empty pantsuit: Hillary Clinton.

Will there be violence? That depends primarily on Mr. Obama. But tyranny always devolves to force and brutality. Mr. Obama has not yet tried to seize absolute power, but he is clearing the path, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

At worst, Barack Obama and his political successors are consigning America to a wave of violence as patriotic citizens dedicated to defending America, understanding that there is no rule of law, will have no choice but to fight to reestablish it. We are, after all, Americans, not Europeans. There will always be enough of us to engage in revolution to destroy tyranny. Progressives know and rightly fear this facet of the American character. That’s why they want to change it, if not by coercion, by changing the very character of Americans through illegal immigration.

Barack Obama and all anti-gun progressives feel this in their bones, in their cells. They fear free men and women with guns and will always work to disarm them; the compulsion never abates. Their concerns are not for public safety. They agitate not to reduce crime or disarm criminals. The NRA and honest, law-abiding gun owners do that. They agitate not to protect school children. If they did, they’d support measures that provide real, rather than rhetorical, protection such as arming teachers and constitutional carry (no concealed carry licenses necessary; all citizens not lawfully prohibited may carry). A government that fears free men with arms has good reason to do so. The only question is when and why hostilities will begin. What will be the cause of the shot heard ‘round the world this time?

Ironically, should it come to that, it is Democrats, those that expect government thugs to protect them, that will find themselves in mortal danger from the very people they harried, prosecuted, persecuted and mocked. The God and gun clingers, the people too stupid to know what was in Obamacare—which was hidden from them and is only being revealed, horror by horror, over years—do not have infinite patience and will reach a point where they will fight back, Republicans, Democrats and institutions be damned. When enough of those fighting for an emperor and against the Constitution are killed, the rest will run, and people who have always depended upon their supposed intellectual and moral authority to protect them—from criminals and their own honorable countrymen–will find those ephemeral qualities little protection indeed.

Barack Obama seeks a legacy? He shall have it. November 20, 2014: the second day that will live in infamy.