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credit: washington post

credit: washington post

Amidst revelations of incredible incompetence, Secret Service Director Julia Pierson, who last week took responsibility for the failings of the Secret Service before Congress, did something very unlike virtually every Obama Administration official before her who “took full responsibility”–“cough” Hillary Clinton “cough”–for horrendous failures and even criminal wrongdoing: she actually resigned.

One need not feel overmuch sympathy for Pierson. She has had a 30- year career with the Secret Service and will retire with a comfortable pension and generous benefits untouched by Obamacare and other wondrous “benefits” of the age of Obama.

Additional revelations continue to crop up, and will for some time. We’ll never know the full extent of the depths to which the Secret Service has fallen, but perhaps I can provide at least a little insight into why a once-elite agency was pushed off a very high competence cliff.

First, however, consider this latest debacle: 

In what is just the latest example of a Secret Service ‘situation normal, all f**ked up’ presidential security breach, a man pretending to be a congressman snuck into a secure backstage area at an event where President Barack Obama was speaking.

On Saturday, just days before the head of the US Secret Service resigned over a series of scandals, the impostor gained access to the backstage area where several members of Congress were gathered. The incident occurred during or just after Obama gave a speech at a Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) event at the District of Columbia’s convention center on Saturday, Bloomberg reported.

The CBC members were preparing to take pictures with the president, an official told the news organization. The unidentified man told agents he was Rep. Donald Payne Jr. (D-NJ). A member of the White House staff realized the impostor wasn’t Payne, and a second staffer asked him to leave, which he did without incident. He was not detained, the official noted.

Secret Service spokesman Brian Leary said the agency did its job, as everyone who attended the dinner at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center was screened.

‘This guy went through security, fully screened,’ he told Bloomberg.

Note that, gentle readers. An imposter was able to pass through “security, fully screened,” and was able to gain access to an area that, if he wished, could have put him in a position to kill the President of the United States, and a Secret Service spokesman publically claimed “the agency did its job.” To the rational man, this alone might indicate that the Secret Service is no longer focused on its actual mission, indeed, it no longer appears capable of recognizing it’s actual mission. It’s rather like the hospital spokesman who happily chirps:

the patient died, but the operation was a complete success!

It is, however, worse that one can imagine:

Including Saturday’s incident, there have now been at least four presidential security breaches in less than a month. Now there are ‘pervasive but unsubstantiated fears in the black community that President Obama’s protection is worse because of his race,’ New York Magazine reported.

‘It is something that is widespread in black circles,’ said Rep. Emanuel Cleaver II (D-Missouri), an African-American who told the New York Times he has been approached repeatedly by voters expressing such a concern. ‘I’ve been hearing this for some time: ‘Well, the Secret Service, they’re trying to expose the president.’ You hear a lot of that from African-Americans in particular.

This is, of course, nonsense. Such an intention would require far more competence and coordination than any branch of the federal government is capable of mustering under Barack Obama. Yet, there can be little doubt that Mr. Obama and his sycophants are, in large part, responsible for the deplorable state of the Secret Service.

During my police years, I worked with the Secret Service several times. Because I served in Rapid City, SD, which due to its proximity to Mt. Rushmore is a tourist mecca, high-ranking politicians, including the first President Bush, and Vice President Gore, were frequent visitors. Politicians love the symbolism of “ the shrine of democracy” as Mt. Rushmore is called. The Secret Service agents with which I worked were, to a man and women, intelligent, sharp, and laser-focused. They had more than adequate equipment and manpower and did not appear, for a second, to have any lack of understanding of their mission. But in those days, they were the premier agency of the Treasury Department.

Return now, to those thrilling days of yesteryear when Tom Daschle (D) was a South Dakota Senator infamous for saying and doing one thing in DC and quite another when addressing the rubes in South Dakota. Among the multitude of idiocies for which he is remembered is his claim that “you can’t professionalize if you don’t federalize,” as the Senate voted unanimously to create the Transportation Security Administration–the TSA. The TSA, as all Americans now know, is about as far from professional as it is possible for human beings to be. When it’s not strip searching wheelchair bound grandmothers and scaring the spit out of crippled female infants, its “agents” wander away from their posts, allowing people to walk through security unscreened.

Once again, one might legitimately blame President Bush–the second–at least in part. When the unfortunately named monstrosity–the Department of Homeland Security–was created, the Secret Service was placed under its control, and in so doing, it was pushed to the edge of the cliff. The principle is simple: the larger the government, the less competent and more dangerous to the lives and liberty of Americans. Even the deservedly-vaunted Secret Service could not long resist the arrogance, stupidity, sloth and incompetence big government inevitably produces.

There are always tensions between the President and his staff, particularly the political staff, and the Secret Service. In many ways, their goals are absolute opposites. They bridle at the restrictions on access and travel imposed in the interests of keeping the president alive. In many circumstances, the politicians win out, forcing the Secret Service to diminish the protection available to the President.

Now consider, gentle readers, a White House politicized as never before. What’s more likely: the Secret Service purposely trying to get the President killed because he’s black, or the Secret Service forced to diminish its protection by the President and his advisors? Even so, it’s not quite as cut and dried. Again, it’s an inevitable result of big-government thinking.

Leftists like President Obama not only hate and fundamentally mistrust the military, our intelligence agencies and the police–they lump the Secret Service in there somewhere–they are determined to cut spending to those entities and elsewhere to have more money to spend on their domestic, social engineering priorities. In order to achieve this, they carefully put like thinkers in key positions.

Former Secret Service Director Julia Pierson credit: AP

Former Secret Service Director Julia Pierson
credit: AP

Enter Julia Pierson, who, after multiple prostitution scandals in the Secret Service, was the perfect, politically correct figurehead: a woman. Like at least a few Obamite functionaries, Pierson had impressive paper credentials. But like virtually all, what was most important was her pliability and fellow traveler mindset. Cut Secret Service staff? But of course! Sacrifice security for political considerations? How soon can we start? The Washington Post noted: 

Former agents said they fear the breach [as illustrated in the opening screen shot] may be related to a severe staffing shortage the agency has struggled with in the last year in its Uniform Division. This is the team of officers with primary responsibility for securing the White House grounds, and the service has been flying in agents from field offices around the country to do temporary assignments. Those agents naturally would have less familiarity with the grounds and intruder response plans.

Also from The Post: 

Pierson also rejected an internal study’s recommendations that the White House have a total of about 100 countersurveillance officers to patrol the perimeter of the complex. She suggested cutting the recommended number by a third. And Pierson had agreed to shrink key units in the agency, including the number of officers from the uniformed division who guard the White House complex.

In her 18 months in charge, Pierson also became the subject of derision among some lower-level agents for accommodating the White House staff’s wishes for less-cumbersome security over the warnings of her tactical teams.

In the spring, Pierson was irate at what she considered the excessive security measures her team had planned for the U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, which Obama hosted this summer, demanding that it dismantle extra layers of fencing and reopen closed streets, according to two agency supervisors. Supervisors who had mapped out the security plan said they were taken aback when Pierson, who worked during high school at Walt Disney World as a costumed character and park attendant, said: ‘We need to be more like Disney World. We need to be more friendly, inviting.

Consider that: the Secret Service needs to adopt the ethos of Disney World, an amusement park dedicated to entertainment, marketing and encouraging repeat visitors. I don’t have to imagine the horror of the agents that actually understand their mission. I’ve experienced the same sort of idiocy from high-ranking people who have been promoted, in the finest Peter Principle style, far beyond their level of competence

When I worked as a detective investigating car burglaries, I had a division commander that demanded I arrest burglars the second I identified them and could connect them with a single crime. I wanted to flip them and keep them on the street, working for me, catching more burglars and solving huge numbers of additional crimes–car burglars commits hundreds of crimes–which would allow me to return stolen property to victims. He didn’t know or care that when arrested, the burglars would be quickly arraigned and released on minimal bond, back on the streets out of my control and influence. He just wanted arrest statistics, but most of all, he wanted to control me and everyone else.

Take as an example Pierson’s comfort with cutting the counter-surveillance protection of the White House from 100 to around 66. Keep in mind that those agents can work only eight hour shifts, and that some people are always on vacation, out sick, in refresher training, or gone for a variety of other reasons. At a staffing of 100, that means only 33 are available at any time of the day or night to protect the White House. Let’s figure that five will be continually unavailable for the aforementioned reasons. That leaves only 28.

Now consider the staffing levels with which Pierson, and President Obama and his staff, are comfortable. With about 66 officers, only 22 are available for each shift, and removing five, only 17. For the sake of leftist ideology, big government, and political expediency, Barack Obama and his supporters have been more than willing to endanger their own lives, the lives of Obama’s family, and the national security of America–not that they notice, or care.

Agency directors like Pierson surround themselves with like thinkers, pushing out the competent by force, or merely because they quit or retire in disgust, no longer able to do their jobs. Over time, even the lowest levels are replaced by idiots willing to do anything to get a job in the first place, or to advance. While Pierson had been in charge only 18 months, surely the dumbing down process was well under way.

Leftists are often rhetorically blood thirsty, particularly in regard to their political enemies. It’s very easy for them to scream for the imprisonment or death of their political foes. Most have never been in the military. Most are viciously anti-gun. Most believe themselves immune to criminal violence and have no experience with actual violence or martial issues. They’ve never felt a punch in the nose. Their understanding of violence comes from Hollywood screenplays and racy fiction, fiction where virtuous leftists triumph over evil, scheming conservatives determined to thwart righteous leftist goals, destroy the environment, dismantle solar panels, electric cars and windmills and spend huge sums electing Republicans.

For such people, policy takes precedence over everything including life itself, and the implementation of policy is done by the right people in the right positions in an ever-enlarging government structure that, through the right policies, laws and regulations, will force virtue–for their own good, of course–on the non-elite, those denizens of flyover country, the God and gun clingers inadvertently identified by Mr. Obama in 2008.

Conservatives, and that would surely encompass most Secret Service agents, particularly those at the lower levels, are mission oriented. They honor and support the Constitution, and care about individuals. They do not wish death and destruction on their political enemies because they work within the constitutional structure, realizing that political policies are potentially fleeting and their enemies can be voted out at the next election. They don’t want the President–any president–dead because that would be bad not only for America, but for the world. Easily assassinated American presidents would mark America as no better and more stable than a Latin America banana republic to the detriment of world stability. It would be a symbol that America is a paper tiger, a weak horse, and invite all manner of chaos.

Homeland Security director Jeh Johnson has promised investigations and changes. We all know how Obamite investigations fail to work. All of the big government functionaries, starting with Johnson, are still in place, still working hard to cement Obamite policies and priorities. They still deny the nature of our implacable Islamist enemy. They still deny we are at war. They’re even denying the danger of Ebola. They’re led by a man that purposely missed 60% of his daily intelligence briefings. He missed–or ignored–the danger of ISIS, blaming his failings on others. That too is a leftist tactic. They fail only because others made them do it, only because conservatives are suffered to exist to thwart their noble leftist goals.

Secret Service agents understand violence, its implications and the inevitable results. They practice to mete it out with cold efficiency, but do their best to ensure it is never necessary. They, above all men, accept their positions knowing it may one day be necessary to give their lives to protect those they are sworn to protect, not just the president. So do our military members, people hated as much by the President and his followers as the Secret Service.

Many, perhaps most, Secret Service employees are honest and honorable men and women who put mission above politics. To whatever degree they are able to do their jobs properly and effectively, it will be in spite of rather than because of their “leadership.”

Thanks to big government partisans, thanks to Barack Obama, thanks to those that support him, it has never been more likely they will have to give their lives. They, and America, deserve better. They, and America, must have better.

In a very real sense, the current state of the Secret Service is a success story. Barack Obama came into office determined to diminish America internally and on the world stage, determined to punish America. The Secret Service is only one of his successes in that despicable endeavor. It will not be the last.