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Attorney General Eric Holder is, according to confirmed reports, going to resign as soon as his replacement has been confirmed.  Holder has been the most divisive, racist, corrupt and arrogant AG in American history and the only cabinet officer to have been held in contempt of Congress. He has escaped prosecution for that distinction only in that the only person that can prosecute him is the Department of Justice under the Attorney General.

We can only hope and pray that a Republican will win the presidency in 2016, and that they will appoint sufficient special prosecutors to pursue corruptocrats like Holder. To do otherwise might slightly calm political waters, but would encourage progressives to abandon even giving lip service to the rule of law, not that many haven’t already entirely abandoned it.

But that won’t be nearly enough. Holder, at Obama’s command, has populated the Department of Justice with Marxist lunatics. It will take many years of dedicated effort to dislodge them and return the DOJ to fairly and impartially enforcing the law rather than blindly pursuing “social justice.”

It’s hard to imagine that Holder’s replacement could be worse, but it is, after all, Barack Obama that will nominate the new AG. William Shakespeare said it best in Julius Caesar:

“I fear there will a worse come in his place.”

And what has Holder actually accomplished? Nothing. His claims to have been a civil rights crusader have amounted to suing states in crude attempts to enable vote fraud, and to establishing the principle within the DOJ that only black people’s civil rights may be violated. His agitation in the George Zimmerman case and now in Ferguson, Missouri, as well as his race hustling and embrace of notorious race hustlers, has played a major role in reverting hard-won gains in racial understanding and harmony.

The removal of any of Barack Obama’s cronies is a cause for rejoicing among free men and women, but we will not know the full extent of the damage for years, if ever.  What is know, is more than bad enough.