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H&;K MP5 credit: de.wikipedia.org

credit: de.wikipedia.org

The recent and tragic accidental death of an “instructor” in Arizona has caused quite a stir. Thirty-nine year old Charles Vacca was teaching a 9 year-old girl to shoot–of all things–a Mini-Uzi, a fully automatic submachine gun. Predictably, she was unable to control the recoil of the little subgun, and accidentally shot Vacca in the head, killing him.

That sad accident served as a reminder that most Americans know little about submachine guns. Most of what they think they know is due to the dramatic ministrations of Hollywood. In other words, they know nothing of the actual abilities, employment, and functioning of submachine guns. Most aren’t aware that they fire pistol cartridges.

With that in mind, the good folks at Bearing Arms asked me to write a submachine gun primer to address this lack of common knowledge. And so I have. If you have a few minutes, you may find it interesting. It has many photos of interesting firearms. The article also contains a link to additional information about the aforementioned accident.