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Subhuman ISIS murders engaged in a "crime" credit: zerohedge.com

Subhuman ISIS murderers engaged in a “crime”
credit: zerohedge.com

Our hapless Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, actually seems to get at least something right. From The Guardian: 

When we look at what they did to Mr Foley, what they threaten to do to all Americans and Europeans, what they are doing now, I don’t know any other way to describe it other than barbaric,’ Hagel said. ‘They are an imminent threat to every interest we have, whether it’s in Iraq or anywhere else.’

Hagel said Isis, also kown as Isil, which began as al-Qaida’s Iraq affiliate before being disavowed last year over its brutality, was a calibre above previous terrorist organisations the US has faced.

‘Isil is as sophisticated and well funded as any group that we have seen. They’re beyond just a terrorist group. They marry ideology, a sophistication of strategic and tactical military prowess, they are tremendously well funded. Oh, this is beyond anything that we’ve seen, so we must prepare for everything,’ Hagel said.

Hagel and the Pentagon seem to understand that a terrorist army seizing enormous quantities of arms and ammunition and taking over much of several sovereign nations poses a threat to international peace and stability and even to the United States. Who’da thunk it?

Unfortunately, Barack Obama and Erik Holder have yet to get a clue. From Fox News:  

Attorney General Eric Holder said Thursday that his Justice Department is opening a criminal investigation into the brutal execution by Islamic State militants of American journalist James Foley, in the latest move by the administration to use the criminal justice system to pursue terrorists.

The announcement comes as the Obama administration steps up its airstrike campaign against the same militant organization — and mulls additional American boots on the ground in Iraq.

Holder, during remarks in Washington, confirmed the ‘open criminal investigation’ into Foley’s beheading, which was recorded and posted online this week.

‘Those who would perpetrate such acts need to understand something — this Justice Department, this Department of Defense, this nation, we have long memories and our reach is very wide,’ Holder said. ‘We will not forget what happened, and people will be held accountable, one way or the other.

Riiiight. A criminal investigation. That’s worked out so well with Behghazi, hasn’t it? Why, an entire, uh—one—of the terrorists responsible for that attack have been arrested and will eventually get their day in court in New York City. Boy, if they get convicted, that will really scare those drooling, bloodthirsty Islamist terrorists rampaging throughout the Middle East. “Achmed, did you see they gave Hamid 20 years in an American Prison for sawing that infidel’s head off? We must lay down our arms and embrace peace immediately, lest that happen to us!” The FBI is equally resolute:

FBI Director James Comey, though, reportedly said the ‘full force’ of the government would be brought to the case.

‘I’m very, very, sorry to say that these savages have turned it into a homicide investigation,’ Comey reportedly said in Denver.

Well isn’t that precious? The FBI Director is “very very sorry” that terrorists engaging in an act of war have forced the government–and the FBI—to ignore the fact that we are in a war for the future of civilization, He’s sorry–very, very sorry–our government has been forced to ignore that reality and act as though a terrorist has turned a clear war crime into a garden variety criminal offense—murder—which would normally be investigated and prosecuted at nothing higher than a state level. But hey, you have to have priorities.

ISIS is a terrorist army at war with the United States and with civilization. James Foley was a non-combatant. True, ISIS violates every law of war, but by killing any non-combatant, not only did the vermin that held the knife commit a war crime, but all of ISIS, every single terrorist, is complicit. Unfortunately under the criminal laws of the United States, which do not apply in Syria, only the waste of oxygen that actually killed Foley, and perhaps a few of those actually having an active part in that murder, can be arrested and tried, except they can’t be arrested and tried because American law enforcement has no jurisdiction. The only rational, sane, responsible response is for the United States military to turn every one even remotely associated with ISIS into atoms.

Why then does the Golfer-in-Chief and the Attorney General think the proper response is a criminal investigation? Surely they understand that American law enforcement agents have no authority whatever in foreign nations, and particularly none in the lawless war zones where Foley was killed? There will be no crime scene investigation, no physical evidence. There will be no interviews of eyewitnesses. Even the sole terrorist vermin arrested in the Benghazi case was captured by military assets and hustled to America. It was not the FBI knocking on his door intoning in their best Hollywood demeanor: “FBI! We have am arrest warrant!”

No, it’s not just that Barack Obama is clueless, though that is surely a factor. Most likely, this is a cynical ploy that will allow Mr. Obama and his lackeys to avoid any military response more significant than the occasional display of airpower, while broadly gasbagging about “justice,” and “holding people accountable,” and being appalled and prattling about how ISIS is so “20th century.”

We don’t need to use the military against a military threat. The FBI is on the case, or at least the FBI that isn’t trying to string up a hapless police officer in Ferguson, Missouri. Priorities, gentle readers. America has to have priorities. After all, what’s more important, persecuting a possibly innocent American police officer, or obliterating a dangerous and growing threat to every American?

Barack Obama and Eric Holder know the answer, and it has little to do with killing the medieval scum that would gladly kill us all.