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credit: batshitcrazynews.com

credit: batshitcrazynews.com

Regular readers know of the plight of Shaneen Allen, the young mother of two arrested in New Jersey for daring to carry a handgun in her glove compartment, a handgun loaded with–gasp!–hollow point ammunition. I’ve written about Allen on three prior occasions:

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Shaneen Allen: An Update

The good folks over at Bearing Arms have published my most recent article on Allen, which focuses on the political and racial reasons the state of New Jersey seems hell bent on treating her not as a criminal–they get all kinds of breaks–but as an innocent citizen daring to be prepared to preserve their life against criminals. In New Jersey, that is unforgivable.

And of course, Allen, while a black, female crime victim, is the wrong kind of black, female crime victim. If you have a few minutes, take the link and see what I mean.