Shaneen Allen and her children

Shaneen Allen and her children

Regular readers, being among the best-informed Americans–not because of me, but because you demonstrate your acumen in comments every day–have surely heard of Shaneen Allen, the 27 year-old single mother of two arrested for daring to carry a handgun in her vehicle during a brief trip to New Jersey. Allen, who, rather than living on the tax dollars of others, works two jobs to support her boys, is now facing a felony conviction and up to ten years in a New Jersey prison.

At The Truth About Guns, my latest article about this warped morality tale is available. It focuses not only on the injustice of Allen’s treatment, but on the enormous discretion available to the police and prosecutors. The police had more than sufficient power to allow Allen to leave, unmolested. The prosecutors have more than sufficient power to drop all charges.  They have, thus far, chosen otherwise.

But we’re talking about New Jersey, where criminals, mob bosses and crooked politicians have the full protection of the Constitution, but an honest, hard-working young woman like Allen does not. There is much to learn from this disgusting situation.

Those wishing to contribute to Allen’s defense may go here and here.

You might also with to read Ashe Schow’s excellent article at the Washington Examiner titled: Why Doesn’t The Left Care About Shaneen Allen?   The quick answer: yes, she’s black, but she’s self-supporting, and the left’s worship of government and hatred of liberty–particularly firearm freedoms–trumps all.