I recently updated the tragic story of Coleen Ritzer, a 24 year-old high school math teacher murdered by one of her students in Massachusetts, in Coleen Ritzer, A Legacy To Leave Behind 4. 

Coleen Ritzer credit: assumption.edu

Coleen Ritzer, forever 24
credit: assumption.edu

As is often the case, one article leads to another, and the good folks at The Truth About Guns have published my article, The Other Reason For School Concealed Carry, inspired by the SMM article. As regular readers know, I am an advocate of arming willing teachers with concealed weapons, primarily as a means of deterring active shooter attacks and of saving lives when deterrence fails. However, as the savage murder of Coleen Ritzer demonstrates, active shooters are far from the only danger teachers–particularly female teachers–face. Active shooters are certainly not the only reason teachers should be armed, and I’m not referring at all to the philosophical, unalienable right to self-defense acknowledged in the Second Amendment. My concern in the TTAG article is practical (obviously, I’m not ignoring the right to self-defense, just focusing a bit more narrowly).

It may be worth your time if you have a few minutes.