If only we can do away with guns, if we could wave a magic wand and eliminate all firearm technology in the world, no one would ever again die due to gun violence.


This is an article of faith, virtually a religious sacrament, with statists, Progressives, many Democrats, Marxists, many Socialists, and other fellow travelers that would gleefully dismantle the Second Amendment. As proof of their thesis and the moral necessity for disarming the law-abiding, they leap upon the handiwork of each deranged killer attacking a mall or school, killing three here, 20 there.

Any violent death is tragic and criminal and must be prevented when possible, or avenged when not, but there are larger issues. The law-abiding individual with arms harms no one. The true danger is governments, who, in the last century alone, have murdered tens of millions of their unarmed citizens and neighbors. This is why we have and need the Second Amendment, to deter, and if necessary to defeat, tyranny.

And even if we could magically do away with firearm technology, and no one ever again died as the result of a firearm-propelled projectile, we would still manage to slaughter each other with ruthless efficiency in very short time frames. The problem is not in our weapons, but ourselves.

At the Battle of Thermopylae in August of 480 BC, the battle in which 300 heroic Spartans perished, as many as 22,000 are believed to have died in only a few days of brutal fighting with swords, spears and the other common weapons of the day.

Consider too The Battle of Hastings, October 14, 1066. Between 6000-7000 died in a single day of battle using weapons no more modern and high-tech than swords, axes, spears and the bow and arrow.

Examples abound. But one fact is sure: when individuals are disarmed, when government has a monopoly on the use of deadly force, millions die.

This is but one of the lessons well expressed indeed by my favorite Bookworm, who has produced an important and wise missive on this and related issues. Regular readers know that Bookworm is not only a recovering Progressive, but a welcome voice on the side of liberty and honor. A passage from her article, addressing yet another reason why we dare never allow ourselves to be disarmed:

Wait, I misspoke. One specific type of mass murder is on the rise, throughout the world, in every one of its four corners. I speak, of course, of jihadist strikes. The jihadis will use anything – airplanes, bombs, knives and, yes, guns. As with the Nazis, though, the problem isn’t with the guns, it’s with the ideology. Banning guns in the face of this jihadist war is tantamount to a preemptive surrender, one that will see us all consigned to burqas and daily prayers to Allah.

To this I would add only that millions of Americans would not have the choice of wearing burqas and praying to Allah. They would be slaughtered–see what Islamists are doing to fellow Muslims in Iraq as this is posted–and good Progressives, begging for recognition of their beloved, progressive policies (gay and women’s rights, diversity and inclusiveness), would be among the first to be butchered.

By all means, take the link and see what Bookworm has to say.