Over at Bearing Arms, where my former Confederate Yankee co-blogger and pal Bob Owens is editor, my latest informative missive is up. This time, it’s information on the presumptive Democrat presidential front-runner for 2016, Hillary Clinton. Mrs. Clinton and her supporters–and the media; but I repeat myself–are doing their best to claim she is a supporter of the Second Amendment, except for “sensible” gun control of course.


So I’ve done the service of researching her anti-gun activism from 1999 to 2012, and included only a few of the great many examples during that period. Well, actually, the research consisted of a 15 second Google search. There is no lack of information. Suffice it to say that like most progressive gun grabbers, she’s virtually never found a gun control measure she didn’t support. Apparently all of them are apparently “sensible” to her way of thinking.

Get to know she-who-wishes-to-rule-us just a bit better when you have a few minutes.