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If you know a bit of history, particularly about Barack Obama, the Islamist movement, and Mr. Obama’s beliefs, UN Ambassador Samantha Power’s recent tweet says it all.  Powerline notes:  

Yesterday U.N. Ambassador Samantha Power delivered the Daniel Pearl Lecture at UCLA and met with Pearl’s parents. Afterward, she unburdened herself of this tweet:


Nonetheless, a number of canny observers are at least somewhat baffled.  From Ed Morrissey at Hot Air:  

Er … this is so inexplicable that it almost defies analysis. Daniel Pearl, a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, went to an interview with Mubarak Ali Gilani at a restaurant in Karachi, Pakistan, but was kidnapped on the way. He was brutally murdered and decapitated by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, the man behind the 9/11 terrorist plot. The video of the murder was sent out immediately as a demand to free all of the detainees at Gitmo, whom KSM would shortly join.

Late last night, for no particular reason — Pearl was murdered on February 1, 2002 — US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power sent out this tweet

John Hinderaker at Powerline, folks who have been kind enough to link to my scribblings in the past, was also a bit unsure about what might have motivated Power, particularly after she tried to walk back her lunatic assertions:

Power 2

True: but how does that fit with the original tweet about ‘individual accountability,’ ‘reconciliation’ and ‘cycles of violence?’ This is a very confused woman.

Actually, Power is not the least bit confused.  She knows precisely what she is saying—and doing—at the UN and elsewhere.  She is doing and saying precisely what Barack Obama hired her to do and say.  To better understand this, let’s meet Sayyid Qutb and Huma Abedin. The links will take you to the excellent “Discover The Networks” blog where you can read about these execrable and dangerous people in depth.  Power’s DTN profile is available here. 

Qutb is the father of the modern Islamist movement and the intellectual guiding light of the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Brotherhood is perhaps the foremost Islamist movement in the world today.  It seeks to advance Islam, including of course, Sharia and fully supports holy war–jihad–against Israel and the West.  It should go without saying that it is absolutely opposed to most social policies leftists claim to hold dear such as feminism, homosexual rights, etc. As the parent organization of such terrorist groups as Al-Qaeda and Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood’s involvement in terrorism is deep and deeply committed.

Huma Abedin was Hillary Clinton’s primary advisor at the State Department, and as such, had direct access to every sensitive and secret matter to which Hillary Clinton had access.  Americans might consider this a problem in that not only is she a radical Muslim, her immediate and extended family are Muslim Brotherhood members, supporters, associates or are otherwise directly affiliated with the Brothehood or related Islamist terrorist groups.

President Obama clearly supports the Muslim Brotherhood–as he did in Egypt until the Egyptian people rose up and deposed the Islamists–and other radical Islamist groups.  His hatred for Israel is the stuff of legend, and he has hosted innumerable Islamists in the White House and elsewhere.  Islamists are currently salted throughout the government and enjoy high-level access in ways almost impossible to completely track.  And of course, it takes little imagination to suspect that Ms. Abedin’s access to the top levels of our government was a boon for jihadist intelligence gathering.

Samantha Power fit right in.

Samantha Power’s hatred for Israel, her support for Islamist causes, and her disdain for the United States merely matches Mr. Obama’s own.  Her tweet is nothing more than the kind of “smart diplomacy” practiced since the beginning of Mr. Obama‘s term in office.  It’s offensive, anti-American, harmful to U.S. interests, and plainly stupid.

Did you know that Ukraine gave up its nuclear weapons in exchange for American guarantees of security?

All of this is what we’ve come to expect from Mr. Obama and those with whom he associates.  And with the invasion of the Ukraine by Russia, the world is seeing, minute by minute, how entirely feckless Barack Obama , John Kerry, Joe Biden and Samantha Power are.  There are always consequences to weakness, stupidity and hatred of one’s own nation.  We’re just beginning to see their depth and duration.

How far we’ve fallen, and how fast.