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Nose 1Well, I did it again.  I watched the State of the Union teleprompter reading.  It will likely take me until the same time next year to recover the IQ points I lost.  To assist in that recovery, I’m only going to provide some of my impressions of the event, which has, particularly in the last five years, descended to farce.

* President Obama’s entrance reminded me of a particularly arrogant basketball player shucking, jiving and fist bumping his way from the locker room to the court.  That vulgar display was topped only by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg who glommed onto Mr. Obama for an extended bear hug.  So much for the decorum and majesty of the judiciary.  Hmm.  Shouldn’t Supreme Court Justices maintain at least the appearance of neutrality?  Perhaps my memory is faulty, but I don’t recall any other justice hugging a president at this affair in the past.  I do, of course, recall Mr. Obama insulting the justices and lying about one of their decisions…

* From the beginning of the first sentence of the teleprompter reading, the Democrats seemed determined to applaud virtually every word Mr. Obama said, including “a,” “the,” and the odd bit of punctuation.  They eventually lost their enthusiasm for that level of drooling Obama worship.

* Teleprompter pong:  Left, right, left, right, fake left, jerk right, etc….

* Mr. Obama actually took credit for increased oil production, despite doing everything he can to stifle it, including bringing exploration and drilling on public lands to a standstill, stalling the Keystone Pipeline, etc.  Later, he announced his intention to continue our oil independence by increasing taxes on it.  Brilliant.

* Did you know that Mr. Obama has cut our deficit by half?  Neither does the deficit, which is already so large the numbers are all but unimaginable, and increasing by billions every day.

* “The United States is better positioned for the twenty-first century than any nation on Earth.”  We’ll be even better positioned when Iran get nucs, terrorists control most of North Africa and the Middle East, China and Japan are at war, and our economy is so far gone we’ll long for the economic vitality of the Great Depression. 

* First primary message suffusing every bit of the teleprompter reading:  Spend, spend, spend, spend and spend some more.  Then spend.

* Second primary message suffusing every bit of the teleprompter reading:  Big government, more big government, and even bigger big government.

* Democrats are not only standing and applauding apostrophes, they’ve taken to hooting and yelling in a refined manner not often seen outside mud wrestling exhibitions and dog fights.

* Third primary message suffusing every bit of the teleprompter reading: Class warfare.  Indeed, particularly when simultaneously mouthing idiotic platitudes about working together and unity.

* Fourth primary message suffusing every bit of the teleprompter reading: Everything that’s good–even if it actually is; particularly if it really isn’t, is due to Mr. Obama.  Yeah, he’s the source of all accomplishment and virtue.  Remember: You didn’t build that.

* Fifth primary message suffusing every bit of the teleprompter reading:  All economic problems aren’t his fault; it’s everybody else.

* Sixth primary message suffusing every bit of the teleprompter reading:  If Congress won’t do exactly what he wants when he wants it done, Mr. Obama is going to do it himself.  He has a pen and a phone, you know.

nose 2

* Did you know that “…the son of a single mother can be the president of the greatest nation on Earth”?  Yes, that would be the nation so great it must be “fundamentally transformed.”  Wait a minute: wasn’t this the guy who was saying just a week ago that people hated him because he’s black?  How’d he get to be president anyway?

* Government must fund research.  Right, because no private company would ever think of doing that just because breakthroughs are unimaginable profitable.  The only way science advances is if the federal government wastes billions on boondoggles.

* Mr. Obama’s “all of the above” energy strategy has been a brilliant success.  Well, except for nuclear, coal, oil–any energy source that can actually produce energy at an affordable price–sure.

* Did you know “We’re becoming a global leader in solar too”?  Uh, well other than every solar company Mr. Obama has thrown billions into going bankrupt, I guess so…

Nose 3

* Seventh primary message suffusing every bit of the teleprompter reading: Lies.  Lies so blatant and outrageous they’re like–well–like–like–every other one of Mr. Obama’s daily lies.

* Mr. Obama is promising to set new mileage standards for trucks!  Great.  And we thought the war on coal was bad.  Wait until pickup trucks have to get 50 MPG.  Actually, when that happens, there won’t be any pickup trucks, but what does anybody need them for anyway?

* “But the debate is settled; climate change is a fact.”  Dems go wild.  Of course, what Mr. Obama is actually saying is that global warming is a fact, mankind is causing it, nothing will ever change that, so he has the power to do anything he wants even though none of it can possibly change the climate.  This couldn’t be about wealth redistribution, destroying individual liberty and amassing ultimate power, could it?  And hey, I thought nothing in science is ever settled?  

* Did you know we have a “rapidly changing economy”?  Yes.  It’s changing more, and more rapidly, every inch it descends further into that giant economic toilet Mr. Obama installed and keeps flushing.

* And by the way, our economy is going great guns, and everything, including jobs is wonderful, except it isn’t…

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* The First Lady’s box was full of the obligatory human props.  I always wonder what those people are thinking.  Do they have any sense that they’re being used as nothing more than stereotypical cardboard cutouts by the most cynical, arrogant, uncaring and narcissistic president in history?  Is it actually possible for Mr. Obama to read a teleprompter without human props, or did they come with the teleprompter?

* All four year-olds must have universal preschool.  Right.  Even the Education Department has been forced to admit that it’s a ridiculously costly crock that does nothing to help kids.  Could this have to do with income redistribution?

* I didn’t think it possible for Mr. Obama to blame Congress any further for failing to spend, spend, spend as he prefers, but he kept surpassing his past record.  Actually, Congress exists to spend, spend, spend, but Mr. Obama is upset that they’re not spending as fast and as much as he wants, which would bankrupt the world–perhaps even the galaxy–in record time.

* Much of the teleprompter reading consisted of serial rabble-rousing for far leftists and very, very low information voters who actually think Barack Obama is going to pay their mortgage and car payment.  Hmm.  Maybe he is…

* Eighth primary message suffusing every bit of the teleprompter reading: regulations, regulations, regulations and more regulations–but support business!  Mr. Obama is the business-supporting president!

* Two of Mr. Obama’s human props were the manager of a fast food restaurant and one of his employees who just got a raise to $10.00 per hour.  Mr. Obama helpfully advised American industry to give all of its employees a raise.  Gee, thanks.  I’m sure no one could have thought of that without Mr. Obama’s help.  But isn’t this the same Barack Obama that has all but destroyed business in the last five years?  It’s rather hard to raise wages when you have to cancel insurance, have no idea whether its safe to hire, or how many bizarre and horrendously costly regulations are coming down the pike, to say nothing of Mr. Obama’s policies destroying entire industries, like coal.

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* I wondered when he’d deliver a crude, arrogant and stupid crack about health care, and Mr. Obama didn’t disappoint, smugly sneering that “we’re in the process of fixing health care.”  This provoked weak and faltering applause from Democrats who know that film of this is going to be played over and over again to devastating effect during the 2014 election, and John Boehner gave Mr. Obama a “you lying sack of shit” look from behind.

* Vice President Joe “The Sheriff,” “Double Barreled Shotgun” Biden sat behind Mr. Obama at his right side and Speaking of the House John “Mr. Tanning Booth,” “I’m Ready To Cave On Immigration” Boehner sat behind to Mr. Obama’s left.  Biden resembled a spring-loaded children’s toy, leaping to his feet and grinning like the village idiot every few seconds, while Boehner mostly remained seated and scowling for the entire teleprompter reading.

* Barack Obama is a mostly competent teleprompter reader.  He’s a mediocre public speaker–at best.

* If we take Mr. Obama’s advice, children will harass parents, parents will harass children, relatives will harass relatives, and pretty much everyone on the planet will be harassing everyone else to sign up for Obamacare by March 31.  What’s that?  The website still isn’t secure and it you even think about it, your identify will be stolen and end up on Wikileaks?  And the back end of the system still hasn’t been created, so even if you do sign up, no insurance company will have any idea about it?  Right.

* Whenever Mr. Obama pauses to allow the applause to wash over him–about every 20 seconds–he keeps adopting that Benito Mussolini, nose-in-the-air pose.  Haven’t his advisors told him how that makes him look like a tin pot dictator–unless of course that’s what he wants to look like…

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* Mr. Obama made a weak, one paragraph nod to gun control.  AG Holder followed up the next day in congressional testimony by telling Congress that Mr. Obama planned to impose gun control schemes he can’t get through Congress via executive order and regulation.  Speaking of tin pot dictators…

* Mr. Obama is finally going to close Gitmo and send the world’s worst terrorists, people their home nations won’t allow anywhere hear home, to the continental United States.  The Dems liked that one.  Strong applause.  What could possibly go wrong?

* Mr. Obama swore his rhetorical allegiance, friendship and aid to Israel.  Good grief.  Even the Israeli left no longer believes that kind of mendacious nonsense.

* DID YOU KNOW THAT MR. OBAMA HAS HALTED THE PROGRESS OF IRAN’S NUCLEAR PROGRAM AND “ROLLED IT BACK”?  Neither do the Iranians who only last week bragged that Mr. Obama’s secret agreement with Iran doesn’t do anything to hinder their nuclear ambitions and progress.  Even the Democrats couldn’t bring themselves to applaud that dangerous lie, a lie that will come to blow up in their–and our–faces.

* DID YOU KNOW THAT IRAN IS NOT BUILDING NUCLEAR WEAPONS?  Mr. Obama said it, so it must be true.  Do the Iranians know this? 

* Mr. Obama is going to make sure that Iran won’t build a nuclear weapon, you know, the nuclear weapon they are not building?  And he’s going to do it without the risk of war.  This–not keeping Iran from getting nucs, but never going to war against Iran for any imaginable reason–is probably one of the few true things Mr. Obama said all night.  Oh, he did promise to impose sanctions if his complete lifting of sanctions and giving the Iranians everything they want doesn’t work.  Uh, won’t that be a little late, as they will, by then, already have multiple nuclear weapons, the nuclear weapons they’re not building?  No doubt.  It’s the very definition of “Smart Diplomacy.”

* Mr. Obama, our fearless Commander in Chief, the killer of Osama Bin Laden, is swearing to do right by our veterans.  Isn’t this the same Barack Obama who in the most recent budget bill cut the disability benefits for veterans?  And isn’t this the same Barack Obama who refuses to classify the Ft. Hood terrorist attack as anything other than “workplace violence,” thus denying the wounded and suffering victims of that attack the benefits due them?  Isn’t this the same Barack Obama revealed by former Defense Secretary Robert Gates to hate and mistrust the military and to send them into a war he didn’t believe they could win?  There are words for people like that, but I’m too polite to use them.  Fill in the blank _________________.


Throughout the teleprompter reading, Mr. Obama stole the language of patriotism, liberty, democracy, individualism and individual responsibility, industry and thrift in the service of socialism, lauding traditional American values on one hand and bundling them into the service of the revolution to build that shining socialist future on the other.  A depraved and disgusting spectacle.

Service and Heroism: Sgt. Cory Remsburg credit: NYdaily news

Service and Heroism: Sgt. Cory Remsburg
credit: NYdaily news

I’ve saved the worst for last.  Also in the First Lady’s box was Sgt. Cory Remsburg, an honorable soldier nearly killed by an IED on his tenth tour of duty in the sandbox.  He is still partially paralyzed and will likely never be whole.  He deserves every bit of praise–and every benefit–we can give him and far, far more.  Barack Obama used him as a sentimental prop to bolster his non-existent credibility as Commander-in-Chief and a president who supports and cares for our troops.  I’ve never thought less of Mr. Obama–and that’s saying a very great deal–than last night when he exploited Sgt. Remsburg for his political benefit and personal aggrandizement.

Even a dog knows who really loves him.  Say what you will about George W. Bush, there was never any doubt about his feelings toward our troops, and they honestly and freely returned those feelings.  Barack Obama is a poseur, a fraud, an anti-American, anti-liberty narcissist and no friend of our military.

We have three more years.  That’s a long time that is going to seem even longer.  We can survive several more SOTU teleprompter readings.  I pray we can survive Barack Obama.

UPDATE, 012914, 2216: This particular SOTU teleprompter reading earned the lowest rating of all of his SOTU TR’s.