credit: politicaloutcast.com

credit: politicaloutcast.com

The good folks at PJ Media have been kind enough to publish my latest article on the attack at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. 

For those that read my recent three part series on that attack (available herehere and here), the PJ Media article is essentially a condensed version of those more in-depth articles, but you may wish to visit it anyway, and perhaps, refer it to friends needing a good summary of the facts of a case the media–as usual–has gotten mostly wrong.

If you’re not familiar with PJ Media, it is one of the finest sites on the Internet for news and informed, well-documented and well-written conservative opinion.  It’s definitely worth a regular stop in your browsing.

Also worth a regular stop is Bookworm Room, written by my blogging pal Bookroom, who is a great writer and thinker, and was kind enough to make reference to me and this particular PJ Media article as well.