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The Narcissist-in-Chief credit: michelle'smirror.com

The Narcissist-in-Chief
credit: michelle’smirror.com

I have often asserted that Barack Obama is, with laser-like focus–in favor of one thing: himself.  There is no one on Earth he is more dedicated to supporting and promoting, and he does it with gleeful relish.  In fact, most of the people that work in the White House seem to have Obama promotion as their primary task.  For a president that knows virtually nothing but campaigning, this is unsurprising.

What remains slightly surprising is the incredibly tone-deaf depths to which Mr. Obama and his sycophants will go.  Bad optics?  Don’t be silly!  We’re promoting “The One!”

Fox News has one of the most recent examples:  

 A group of young ballerinas rehearsing for ‘The Nutcracker’ was kicked out of American University’s theatre so MSNBC host Chris Matthews could interview President Obama on Thursday.

American University admitted they dumped Ballet Petite’s two final dress rehearsals so they could host MSNBC’s ‘Hardball College Tour.’ Matthews will be presiding over a one-hour conversation with the man he’s likened to President Kennedy’s last brother, President Abraham Lincoln and Jesus Christ.

The ballet company had been scheduled to rehearse on Wednesday and Thursday in preparation for their opening performance on Sunday.  Instead, the girls will be forced to hold their final dress rehearsals on the same day as their opening performance.

Melissa Carney, the ballet company’s artistic director told The Washington Post they had signed a contract to rent the theatre in January. They were told they were being shoved out so Matthews could interview Obama on Tuesday.

‘They did not ask,’ she told the Post. ‘They told us.’

American University issued a statement to local media, which did not include an apology for tossing a bunch of six and seven year old dancers out of the theatre.

‘We regret the short notice, and do recognize the impact of the compacted time frame for preparations on the dancers and the company,’ the statement read. ‘As a result, the university is offering substantial concessions to the dance company for rental and labor and are working to accommodate the interests of all parties while ensuring that the show goes on for Ballet Petite.

The Obama White House is so caught up in its own majesty and wonder that it cares nothing for disrupting the performance of six and seven year old children, a performance scheduled for a year.  But why?  Did national security mandate the use of that specific facility?  Did the little ballerinas lose a case at the Supreme Court?  Was there nowhere else in Washington, DC–a city rife with ballrooms, theaters and other similar spaces–available for the interview?

Lest anyone suggest that is not Mr. Obama’s fault, bear in mind that for the POTUS to use any facility a lengthy and intensive process of vetting, security checks, arrangements, press releases, etc. involving not only the Secret Service, but virtually every element of the White House staff from secretaries to the press office to the political office, etc. must be involved.  The mindless functionaries at American University are also to blame in this case.  One imagines they might have had one or two other suitable spaces not already booked for a year that might have sufficed for a two-person interview.  Come to think of it, there might have been one or two places in the White House suitable for this purpose as well.  I seem to remember presidents–including Mr. Obama–conducting interviews and other press opportunities there upon occasion.  That would have actually saved the taxpayers a bit of money.

What’s that you ask?  What about Chris Matthews?  Isn’t he to blame for grinching all those little cuties in tutus too?  I’m afraid we have to allow him to plead mental illness.  After all, what sane, heterosexual male admits that another man gave him a tingle up his leg? 

Odd that Mr. Obama is transparent about stiffing tiny children, but about virtually nothing else.  Merry Christmas, little ballerinas, from the Obama White House.