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Mr. Obama has announced a deal with the Iranians, claiming that for the first time in a decade, Iran’s progress toward nuclear weapons has been halted.  As an exercise in delusion, let’s examine some of Mr. Obama’s comments, courtesy of Business Insider:  

Iranians burning the American flag and chanting "Death To America."

Iranians burning the American flag and chanting “Death To America.”

Since I took office, I’ve made clear my determination to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.  As I’ve said many times, my strong preference is to resolve this issue peacefully, and we’ve extended the hand of diplomacy.  Yet for many years, Iran has been unwilling to meet its obligations to the international community.  So my administration worked with Congress, the United Nations Security Council and countries around the world to impose unprecedented sanctions on the Iranian government…

While today’s announcement is just a first step, it achieves a great deal.  For the first time in nearly a decade, we have halted the progress of the Iranian nuclear program, and key parts of the program will be rolled back.  Iran has committed to halting certain levels of enrichment and neutralizing part of its stockpiles.  Iran cannot use its next-generation centrifuges, which are used for enriching uranium.  Iran cannot install or start up new centrifuges, and its production of centrifuges will be limited.  Iran will halt work at its plutonium reactor.  And new inspections will provide extensive access to Iran’s nuclear facilities and allow the international community to verify whether Iran is keeping its commitments.

These are substantial limitations, which will help prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon.  Simply put, they cut off Iran’s most likely paths to a bomb.  Meanwhile, this first step will create time and space over the next six months for more negotiations to fully address our comprehensive concerns about the Iranian program.  And because of this agreement, Iran cannot use negotiations as cover to advance its program…

Over the next six months, we will work to negotiate a comprehensive solution.  We approach these negotiations with a basic understanding: Iran, like any nation, should be able to access peaceful nuclear energy.  But because of its record of violating its obligations, Iran must accept strict limitations on its nuclear program that make it impossible to develop a nuclear weapon.

In these negotiations, nothing will be agreed to unless everything is agreed to.  The burden is on Iran to prove to the world that its nuclear program will be exclusively for peaceful purposes.

And what do the Israelis–Iran’s designated nuclear target #1–think?  

Iranians treading on American flags

Iranians treading on American flags

Israel’s prime minister harshly condemned the international community’s nuclear deal with Iran on Sunday, calling it a ‘historic mistake’ and saying he was not bound by the agreement.

Speaking to his Cabinet, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the world had become a ‘more dangerous place’ as a result of the deal and reiterated a long-standing threat to use military action against Iran if needed, declaring that Israel ‘has the right and the duty to defend itself by itself.”

Mr. Netanyahu voiced the kind of rational self-interest Mr. Obama is unwilling and unable to display:

“What was reached last night in Geneva is not a historic agreement, it is a historic mistake.  Today the world became a much more dangerous place because the most dangerous regime in the world made a significant step in obtaining the most dangerous weapons in the world.’

Voicing what he called Israel’s right to self-defense, he said, ‘I want to clarify that Israel will not let Iran develop nuclear military capability.’

Earlier, Netanyahu’s Cabinet minister for intelligence issues, Yuval Steinitz, said the deal was based on ‘Iranian deception and (international) self-delusion.

What’s really going on here?  Is this an agreement done to the advantage of western civilization and in the interest of peace, or Chamberlainesque appeasement doomed to the same horrific outcome?

Juan Williams, speaking on Fox News Sunday, made an important (and predictable) point.  Progressives believe that merely talking with one’s enemies is a major actual and diplomatic accomplishment regardless of the results, and Williams said exactly that in so stereotypical a way as to be embarrassing to the rational man.  In addition, Williams cast the issue in terms of war, believing that any deal is preferable to going to war with Iran.  I’ve no doubt Mr. Obama and his advisors and functionaries think precisely in those terms; their actions reveal it.

Unfortunately for America and the world, we are at war with Iran and have been since 1979 when Iran declared war on us, a declaration it has never renounced.  Since then, Iran and its proxies have killed Americans around the world and in Iraq and Afghanistan.  As Mr. Obama and his feckless Secretary of State John Kerry sell out the civilized world, Iran is holding three American citizens hostage.  Mr. Kerry didn’t bargain for them; the Iranians might not have done the deal.

One might think that any American president would insist that Iran renounce its declaration of war against America–perhaps even renounce terrorism–before engaging in any deal, but then again, one would not be reckoning with Barack Obama.

To be sure, even Republican presidents have, in large part, failed to take the war being waged against us truly seriously, but the Iranians have been deadly serious and are today.  It is true that the sanctions imposed on Iran–primarily by Congress over Mr. Obama’s objections–have damaged Iran’s economy, but what dictatorship has ever been bothered by sanctions that harm its citizens?  Dictators divert whatever money is available to their own comforts and to maintaining their military machines, which Iran is doing, except that Iran also diverts considerable money to supporting and fostering international terrorism.  Having to make do with shortages of the necessities of life and rampant inflation is a small price for average Iranians to pay for the glorious global jihad.  Remember that the Iranian regime routinely beats, imprisons, tortures and murders its own citizens.

And now, Iran stands to take in at least seven billion in the short term due to relaxed sanctions.  I’m sure the regime will scrupulously apply every penny to making life better for the average Iranian rather than reinforcing its nuclear program and training and arming the enemies of civilization.

Remember too that Iran sees itself as the vanguard of the global war for Islamic supremacy, the global jihad.  They believe that they must inevitably win that war, and that when they do, Iran will rule.  To that end, they must have nuclear weapons.  It is a religious mandate, and the driving force behind their theocratic state.  First, they’ll destroy Israel and dominate the Persian Gulf and Middle East, and they’ll expand from there.

One of the arguments for dealing with Iran is that we must engage the “moderates” in the Iranian government to keep the hard liners in check.  And of course, it is supposedly the “moderates” with whom we are dealing.

There is no such thing as a moderate Islamist.  Islamists inhabit the most violent, destructive regions of a religion that recognizes no such thing as Earthly authority.  There is no separation of church and state in Islam, which is the church and the state.  “Moderates” are not in positions of power in any Islamist state.  They are either silent or dead, and anyone masquerading as a moderate is merely lying to the infidels to further the Jihad.

Can the Iranians be trusted?  The Soviets couldn’t be trusted and they were not religious fanatics bent on world enslavement and domination for their god.  Negotiation with Islamists is the virtual definition of insanity.  The Koran teaches that it is not only acceptable to lie to infidels–non-Muslims–but a duty in the furtherance of Jihad.  “Jihad,” by the way is not some touchy-feely personal quest for fulfillment but a corporate religious holy war to enslave or kill all non-Muslims and dominate the world.

It is utterly delusional to think that the Iranians will disclose all the facets of their nuclear weapons program, or that they would allow anyone to inspect those facilities.  It is equally foolish to imagine that the Iranians would halt their efforts to build nuclear weapons.  It is a religious obligation and necessary condition for success in their jihad, their reason for existing.  They could no more stop that pursuit than they could renounce Islam.  But they can and will lie, dissemble, misdirect, bluster and cheat, all of which they have been doing for decades.  Anyone doubting that the Iranians have clandestine, underground nuclear weapons facilities is working for the Obama Administration or the UN.

Mr. Obama has repeatedly claimed to be determined that Iran will not develop nuclear weapons.  He also said: “For the first time in nearly a decade, we have halted the progress of the Iranian nuclear program, and key parts of the program will be rolled back.”  These, among other bits of nonsensical rhetoric, will be remembered as blatant lies on a par with “if you like your insurance, you can keep your insurance. Period.”

The only factor that might even give the Iranians pause–diplomacy will never prevent them from working toward nuclear weapons–is a credible, imminent threat of military destruction.  Mr. Obama’s five-year track record of spineless threats and feckless rhetoric, reinforced by his disastrous weakness in dealing with Syria and Russia has convinced the Iranians they have nothing to fear from America under Obama.  The Israelis, Saudis and many other nations have also come to the same conclusion.  I suspect Israel also believes that Obama’s America will not come to her aid.  Israel is right.

In fact, this deal is as much about pressuring Israel to do nothing to stop Iran’s nuclear ambitions as it is about establishing a foreign policy legacy for Mr. Obama.  “But the deal’s a fraud!  It doesn’t do anything to stop Iran!” you say?  You’re right, but remember that we’re dealing with people who think merely talking to people that want to cut off their heads with a dull, rusty knife is ground-breaking diplomacy.  Signing a fake deal that gives away the farm to people that want to obliterate you and your allies is a Nobel Peace Prize-level accomplishment for a man who already has one for nothing more than being cool–in the estimation of our media and Europeans.

This deal accomplishes other tasks worthwhile to Mr. Obama, such as taking the focus off Obamacare for at least awhile, annoying Israel and her allies, slapping those annoying Saudis in the face, and giving America’s ostensible “allies” participating in the deal the opportunity to make billions from Iranian oil.  Russia will also have a much easier time of selling advanced weapons–including air defense systems and man portable anti-aircraft missiles it will one day use to shoot down our aircraft–to Iran.

In addition, the deal has dropped American and United Nations demands for complete cessation of Iran’s nuclear program.  Taking their cue from Mr. Obama, the Iranians are gleefully proclaiming that their nuclear program has now been legitimized by the international community, and so it has.

It might be worthwhile to remember that under Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, our intelligence assets and capabilities have been drastically curtailed, while the Israelis retain one of the best intelligence capabilities in the world.  I suspect that where their survival and the actions of their enemies are concerned, the Israelis know more than we do–substantially more.  When their intelligence reveals they can’t wait a day longer, they’ll act, perhaps with nuclear weapons, which considering what Iran has sworn to do to Israel when they have nucs is justifiable.  President Obama has just made Israeli strikes a certainty.

And in a classic case of shutting the barn door after the horses have escaped, Mr. Obama got around to calling Mr. Netanyahu long after the deal was announced:

The two leaders reaffirmed their shared goal of preventing Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon,” the statement read. “The president noted that the P5+1 will use the months ahead to pursue a lasting, peaceful, and comprehensive solution that would resolve the international community’s concerns regarding Iran’s nuclear program.

‘… the president told the prime minister that he wants the United States and Israel to begin consultations immediately regarding our efforts to negotiate a comprehensive solution,’ the statement continued. ‘The president underscored that the United States will remain firm in our commitment to Israel, which has good reason to be skeptical about Iran’s intentions.

This after President Obama claimed only last week that Israel was fully informed about the deal making, only to be contradicted by Mr. Kerry who said that Israel shouldn’t complain about bad deals without being informed first.  Now Mr. Obama acknowledges that Israel has good reason to be skeptical and we really ought to consult with Israel now that America has sold Israel out.  I suspect Israel is equally skeptical about Iran and Mr. Obama, and with equally good reason.

So.  Other than encouraging the Iranians, giving them much of what they want–including billions to pour into their nuclear weapon program–while not hindering their production of nuclear weapons, spitting in the faces of our allies, endangering Israel, the Persian Gulf and the entire Middle East, threatening to plunge the world into war and tank the international economy, it’s a great deal for western civilization.

In other words, it’s just what we’ve come to expect from Mr. Obama, including an absolute reliance on rhetoric rather than actions and results.  Iran has his number.  They know he delivers speeches and signs agreements and immediately loses interest, apparently believing that because he said it, it is forever so.  Iran has no intention of honoring any agreement they make with America, and Mr. Obama’s “soaring” rhetoric is used against America, Israel and the civilized world in ju-jitsu fashion.

Avoiding war at all costs is a fool’s errand.  It is a truism to observe that there are things far worse than war.  We’re going to find out what they are, and sooner, not later.