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There is no question.  Obamacare is a mess.  Tens, even hundreds of millions of Americans will be thrown off policies they like, doctors retiring, employers cutting employees back to part-time wages, untold numbers of jobs lost, huge numbers losing their doctors, federal pay offs of insurance companies, enormous increases in premiums, deductibles, co-pays, felons and Democrats (there’s a difference?) in charge of sensitive personal data…is there nothing right with Obamacare?

Actually, there is one thing: Baxter Smith of Fort Collins, Colorado was actually able to purchase insurance on a state-run exchange.  Here he is:

BaxterNo, not the guy with the facial hair, the Yorkie with the facial hair.  That’s Baxter.  Fox News has the story:  

It’s a real shaggy dog story. While Americans across the country are struggling to sign up for ObamaCare due to problems with the federal health care website, at least one enrollee has successfully gotten covered through a state-run exchange: a Colorado man’s 14-year-old Yorkie.

Fort Collins resident Shane Smith told KDVR he received a letter last week informing his dog, Baxter, that a health insurance account had been opened for the pup through Connect for Health Colorado.

Smith told the station he had to sign up for coverage through the state exchange because his health insurance plan was cancelled under ObamaCare. He isn’t sure how Baxter wound up getting enrolled instead, but he said he did give Baxter’s name as a security question as part of the registration process.

‘It was pretty funny. Typical ObamaCare, that they would insure your dog by mistake,’ Smith told KDVR.

They signed up a Yorkshire Terrier.  Based on a security question.  Oh yeah, I want to sign up on that exchange right now.  Maybe the goldfish I had in third grade will end up ensured.

If Smith likes his dog, can he keep his dog?

Can it possibly get worse?  Strike that.  As Mr. Obama is fond of saying: “Yes we [it] can!”