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The good folks at PJ Media have published my latest article on the settlement in the Jose Guerena Case.   Regular readers have, no doubt, read Update 5.5 on the same issues, posted on September 28 here at SMM.

Why write the same story at two places?  PJ Media is one of the premier conservative sites on the Internet.  They do the stories and commentary the Lamestream Media won’t touch, and of course, their readership far outstrips the numbers of faithful readers that visit this scruffy little blog.  Writing for PJ Media also requires a somewhat difference content and focus approach.  In many ways, I have the freedom to be far more detailed at SMM, as a comparison of the stories will quickly reveal.

If you have a bit of time, visit PJM, not only for this article, but for their excellent content.  It’s a site you should visit regularly.  I’m pleased to be published there, and am in very good company indeed.

It would also be a good idea to visit my friend, Bookworm, at The Bookworm Room, where she links to the PJ Media article and writes on related issues as well.  Bookworm is a recovering liberal, and a fine, fine writer.

My PJ Media archive is available here.