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Yesterday (08-18-13) Paul Mirengoff of Powerline–a site you should have in your favorites if you don’t already–posted an article on the civil rights movement’s attempts to establish race and statistics based school discipline.  

The basic idea is that schools should not be allowed to discipline students of color at any rate larger than their distribution in the school population.  So if a school has an 18% black population, but 37% of disciplinary infractions are committed by black kids, too bad; 19% of those infractions will just have to be ignored.

I wrote to Mr. Mirengoff, letting him know about my August 30, 2012 PJ Media article on the same topic, focusing, however, on the Obama Administration’s efforts on the same lines, including the ability of the Holder DOJ–and others–to sue schools for alleged violations.  Mr. Mirengoff was kind enough to link to my article in an update to his original post. 

Powerline, written by three Minneapolis lawyers, came to national prominence with its excellent coverage of Rathergate, and is a must-read blog.  By all means, read Mirengoff’s articles, and if you have the time, take the link and catch up with my PJ Media article if you haven’t already seen it.