The good folks at PJ Media have posted the fifth installment of my series on the George Zimmerman trial–Zimmerman Closing Arguments: Detailing What The Mob Ignores–this one regarding the closing arguments.  As with the other articles in that series, regular readers of this scruffy little blog have been informed in much greater detail, but there are at least two reasons to visit PJ Media:

(1) It’s the premier conservative news and opinion site on the Internet with outstanding authors;

(2) It’s always interesting to see the comments.

The first four articles are:

(1) The Backwards Trial: A George Zimmerman Prosecution Primer  

(2) Zimmerman: The Backwards Trial Resumes 

(3) The Backwards Trial: After Two Bizarre Weeks, Zimmerman Prosecution Rests 

(4) The Backwards Trial: Zimmerman Prosecutors Stumble as Defense Wraps Up