The good folks at PJ Media–perhaps the premier conservative news and opinion site–have been kind enough to publish my account of the last few days in the Zimmerman trial.  Regular readers of this scruffy little blog will notice that this article is less detailed, and aimed for the less informed audience.  However, the comments are interesting, and it may be worthy your time.  The first three articles in this PJM series can be found here, here and here.

You might also want to read former federal prosecutor Andrew McCarthy’s commentary regarding reversible error.  He deals with Judge Nelson’s exclusion of Martin’s cellphone evidence with a different and valuable  perspective compared with my commentary on the matter.

By all means, see this article about former Sanford police chief Bill Lee’s interview with CNN.  It chronicles the extraordinary pressures on him to make an illegal arrest of Zimmerman to placate social justice demands.  Chilling.

I also recommend this article by attorney Jeralyn Merritt at Talk Left.  It speaks not only to Benjamin Crump’s ever-changing story, but provides substantial background information on Olivia Bertalan’s testimony.  Did you know, for example, that Judge Nelson sentenced the burglar convicted of the invasion of Bertalan’s home?  Small world.