A truly momentous event took place today.  No, not the State of the Union speech.  By comparison, that’s a tempest in a teapot blown by a particularly feckless political windbag.  Today Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle was laid to rest in the Texas State Cemetery in Austin.  For a look at what America–not the fundamentally transformed bastardization envisioned by President Obama and his Marxist supporters–really looks like, visit PJ Media’s Bryan Preston who provides photographs of the procession.  Preston wrote: 

Former SEAL sniper Chris Kyle is being laid to rest in the Texas State Cemetery in Austin today. His funeral procession moved slowly south from the Dallas area, where Kyle’s funeral was held at Cowboys Stadium Monday, along I-35 to the state’s capital. Kyle’s is the longest funeral procession in state history, covering more than 200 miles down one of Texas’ busiest thoroughfares. All along the way, thousands of Texans have turned out to honor the life of the deadliest sniper in US military history. Kyle was slain while trying to help a fellow veteran deal with post-traumatic stress disorder.

It would be wise for those who seek to ignore and damage the Constitution, and yes, those who would “fundamentally transform” our nation, to consider carefully the values, patriotism and determination these photos reveal.  I’m not saying that honors like this would not be rendered in other states, in fact, I’m sure that in many states they would, but I’m equally sure that the self-styled cultural and intellectual elite would look down on those rendering them wherever they were, seeing them, as their leader observed, as commoners who “…cling to guns or religion…” just as Chris Kyle did and as millions of his fellow Texans do and always will.

The ultimate message might be translated as something like “don’t mess with Texas,” and even, “don’t mess with America.”  Though I didn’t know Kyle, I have little doubt he’d approve.

Those who would turn America into a European social welfare state or a dictatorship would do well to pay attention.  Their time is not unlimited and there are lines they dare not cross, though they’re stupid enough to try.

Rest easy Chief Kyle; you’ve earned it.  We’ll carry on the eternal battle for liberty.