Credit: aska

Credit: aska

I was mostly spared the agony tonight.  I only caught the tail end of the train wreck due to a thick stack of student writing to grade.  Illegal aliens invited to the people’s house by the people’s representatives?  Aliens who could be, on the spur of the moment, arrested and deported?  Yup.

Anyway, from what I could hear, it was the usual lunacy.  Spending, spending, spending and more spending.  Oh yes, and taxing too, lots of taxing.  We’re going to make jobs programs–paid for by the taxpayers of course.  That’ll help the economy.  And people don’t have jobs, so we’re going to raise the minimum wage to nearly $10 bucks an hour and tie it to inflation so it will continue to rise.  Uh, aren’t minimum wage jobs supposed to be entry level, low or no skill jobs, entry to the job market?  And we’re supposed to give those jobs middle class level wages?  Right. That’ll really cause job growth to explode!  Actually!

Can the POTUS really be so stupid as to fail to understand that raising the minimum wage during a time of unemployment at a real rate at about 14% will absolutely kill job creation?  Or is that his goal?  Which option is worse?  Discuss.

He did say: “Deficit reduction is not an economic plan.”  Right.  And carbon dioxide is not a byproduct of respiration.

And you’ll be glad to hear that we’re going to do everything necessary to prevent Iran from getting nucs, and we’re going to keep the pressure on Syria.  Hear that?  It’s the mullahs laughing all the way from Tehran.  The jihadists in Syria can’t hear us right now–they’re too busy shooting.  They’ll laugh later.

Oh yes, and because people supposedly had to wait for several hours to vote, Mr. Obama’s making another commission to improve the voting experience!  It’s not that anyone was prevented from voting, oh no, a straw person or persons, perhaps even straw persons of color, were supposedly forced to wait for hours to vote, so we have to fix that.  With another commission.  Well, in Obama world, that means the whole idea will fall into a black hole, so…

No, I don’t really think that, at least not with this issue, not while there is vote fraud and fixing to be done.  My best guess?  They’ll want to vote by Internet.  That way entire cemeteries can vote–for Democrats, of course.  There’s something about death that tilts folks inexorably to the left…

But here’s my favorite, on the very day we learn of a nuclear test in North Korea, and I swear he said this, word for word:

We’ll engage Russia to seek reductions in our nuclear arsenal.

Re-read that one, because if you’re a rational human being, you thought he said:

We’ll engage Russia to seek reductions in their nuclear arsenal.

I mean, any rational person, any sane President of the United States had to have said that, but nooooooo, he actually said:

We’ll engage Russia to seek reductions in our nuclear arsenal.

We have to “engage” the Russians to reduce our own nuclear arsenal?  Uh, You don’t suppose they’ll be all for that, do you?  As they used to say in the Grey Poupon commercials: “but of course.”  Nothing will serve the cause of world peace more than decimating our military and reducing our nuclear deterrent to, well, how low will we have to go to satisfy Barack Obama?  How much will it take to fulfill his pledge of “flexibility” to Vladimir Putin?

I may have more to say about this soon.  Or maybe not.  My stomach is only so strong.