3 thoughts on “Feinstein Fakes”

  1. If I am not mistaken there are a few inconsistency’s on these weapons, not to mention a few points that can be clarified in your article.

    1. The AR carbine ( middle left) looks to have a C-More Systems ‘Railway’ sight, not a EOTech Holosight.
    2. The Hi-Point Carbine is missing its rear sight assembly.
    3. The Beretta Storm carbine seems to have a BSA ‘Stealth’ red dot sight.
    4. The unidentified shotgun on the right could be either: A. Armsel Striker A.K.A. Sentinel Arms Co Striker-12, Protecta and Protecta Bulldog. Or B. Sidewinder Venom mag-fed tactical shotgun system.
    5. The ‘UZI’ could be a Century Arms International Centurion UC-9 Carbine. Not a true Uzi clone as it has limited parts interchangeability.

    Hope this helps.

    Justin Simmons
    Route 66 Pawn and Guns

  2. Justin Simmons said:

    No problem, it is a pet peeve of mine when a firearm or accessory is mis-identified. One of the many reasons I can’t stand most current politicians. In my mind not knowing and looking to learn is one thing, but being willfully ignorant is a completely separate matter.

    J. Simmons

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