Credit: Washington Post

Credit: Washington Post

On January 24, Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) trotted out her latest anti-freedom dog and pony show:

“Hoping to clearly demonstrate the exact types of weapons they’re seeking to ban, congressional Democrats displayed 10 military-style assault weapons Thursday at one of the most elaborately-staged news events in recent Capitol Hill history.

But considering the District of Columbia’s ban on assault weapons, where did they get the guns and how did they get them in the building? It’s an especially pertinent question considering the recent controversy involving NBC’s “Meet the Press,” which displayed a large ammunition magazine in its District studio during a recent episode without the consent of the D.C. Police Department. The incident prompted an investigation, but no charges were filed.”

As the Washington Post reported, Sen. Feinstein’s office enlisted the help of the D.C. Police to provide weapons they could display.  Feinstein also released a list of some 150 specific firearms she wants banned (courtesy of the Daily Caller).  However, from the photos of the weapons displayed, it would appear that Feinstein was continuing the long gun-banner tradition–a tradition of which she has always been an enthusiastic cheerleader–of misleading the public.

Feinstein wants to ban common and innocuous firearms, of course, and those she displayed were among the most common and least used in crime. They were obviously carefully chosen to be scary to those who don’t know better, and also to give the impression they were fully automatic weapons.  To many, an “Uzi,” an “AR-15” or an “AK-47” are machineguns and there is no difference between them and their semiautomatic versions.  There were:

(1) Three AR-15 carbines, two with attached slings and what appear to be standard 30 round magazines, and one with what appears to be a mounted holosight and two 30 round magazines taped together to make them appear to be much longer.

(2) One AR-15 rifle, also with an attached sling and a 30 round magazine.

(3) A Hi-Point carbine, caliber unknown (these are pistol caliber carbines), also apparently with a sling.

(4) An AK-47 clone of some kind.

(5) What appears to be a Beretta Storm carbine–pistol caliber–with a red dot sight of some kind and a fore grip, as well as what appear to be some other accessories of some kind attached to the fore end of the weapon.

(6) What appears to be a Tec-9 type pistol, a crude, inaccurate, unwieldy pistol styled to look like a sort of submachine gun (oddly, there was no visible magazine).

(7) An Uzi Carbine with a 16-inch barrel, betraying its semiautomatic action.  These haven’t been available since George H.W. Bush made a ban on their importation permanent in 1989.  

(8) What appears to be an unconventional shotgun of some kind with what appears to be a large drum magazine attached to its left side.  Available photos of the weapon are not sufficiently clear to identify it more precisely, but it was obviously included for its large magazine.

Only 2.6% of all murders are committed with any type of rifle, and rifles similar to those displayed by Sen. Feinstein are used in less than 1% of all shootings.  One might be tempted, in the cause of scrupulous fairness, to give Sen. Feinstein the benefit of the doubt in her choice of weaponry–surely these were merely random firearms taken from the DC Police Evidence lockers?–but she and her allies have far too long and despicable a record of misleading the public on this issue.  The message she and her colleagues obviously intended to send is “Oh no!  Look at all the evil and deadly machine gun/assault weapons!” 

In reality, every weapon displayed (I’m not sure about the odd looking shotgun-type thing) was either a pistol caliber carbine (in the case of the Tech 9, that’s sort of in a class by itself) or among the most common and widely owned intermediate caliber carbines on the market, and almost certainly, all semiautomatic, not fully automatic.  Failing to disclose that fact alone illustrates Feinstein’s lack of honesty and her ill intent.

This is just one more reason to remember that gun banners never rest and can never be satisfied.  Despite suggestions that the current anti-gun legislation might not be able to pass the current Congress, it would be wise for those who wish to preserve liberty not to lower their guard and to redouble their efforts.  The actions of the D.C. Police indicate clearly that those who would ignore or destroy the Constitution will always have willing, even eager, allies among the nation’s police forces.

Oh yes, government officials like Feinstein and her allies will be exempt from the gun ban she hopes to impose on the common denizens of flyover country.   This must be more of the kind of “equality” Sen. Feinstein and her ilk are constantly trying to force upon Americans.