Soon to be ex-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared before Senate and House committees today to answer questions about the Benghazi debacle.  As might be expected, virtually nothing was forthcoming from Mrs. Clinton and virtually nothing was learned by the public.

Fox News reports: 

“The secretary battled tough criticism from lawmakers throughout the day. In one of the final jabs of the session, Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-S.C., told her, ‘Madame Secretary, you let the consulate become a death trap.”

Mrs. Clinton, of course, denied ever seeing any correspondence begging for security reinforcements.  Fox continued:

“The biggest flash point Wednesday came during morning testimony.

Republican Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson claimed the department could have ‘easily’ determined what happened that night by interviewing staffers who were evacuated. He was referring to the administration’s initial claim that the attack sprung out of a protest. It was later determined there was no protest on the ground in Benghazi. Diplomatic security agents said as much to the FBI during interviews on Sept. 14, despite administration claims to the contrary two days later.

‘We were misled that there were supposedly protests and something sprang out of that,’ Johnson said. ‘The American people could have known that (there was no protest) within days, and they didn’t know that.’

At that point, Clinton began to raise her voice.

‘With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans,’ she said.

‘I understand,’ Johnson said.

Clinton continued to speak, raising her voice and gesturing: ‘Was it because of a protest or is it because of guys out for a walk one night and they decide they go kill some Americans?

What difference, at this point, does it make?’

Clinton, lowering her voice, then said it is the administration’s job to ‘figure out what happened’ and prevent it from happening again.’

It might be difficult to provide a more stark and obvious example of the utter contempt with which the Obama Administration holds not only the Congress, but particularly the American people.  Mrs. Clinton’s performance–and it was a performance–was not that of a dedicated public servant, a person who understands that the American people are their employers, but of an arrogant bureaucrat who considers themselves not only smarter and more moral than the people, but very much above the law and utterly untouchable.

Mrs. Clinton played the sympathy card, choking up when she threw in the faces of her Congressional questioners that she met survivors of those killed at Benghazi when their caskets arrived in America.  One might be forgiven for thinking the experience might be just a bit more difficult and more meaningful for the survivors, to say nothing of those murdered by terrorists due to Clinton’s incompetence and malfeasance.

Notice Mrs. Clinton wrapping herself in the shrouds of “four dead Americans,” following up that observation by demanding to know “what difference, at this point, does it make?”  She was referring to whether their deaths were the result of a spontaneous protest over a video trailer virtually no one ever saw–a lie the Obama Administration pushed for weeks–or a planned terrorist attack–the truth.

What difference does it make? 

(1) Our employees, the President, the Secretary of State, the UN Ambassador, the President’s Press Secretary, and innumerable other administration officials lied, blatantly and repeatedly about a supposed spontaneous protest.  They lied for weeks.  There was never a protest of any kind.

(2) To this day, the President and his Administration continue to stonewall and lie about what happened in every way possible.

(3) Mrs. Clinton would have us believe that no one hesitated to provide help to our embattled heroes in Behghazi despite voluminous and entirely credible evidence to the contrary, including the fact that help was never given to them and they died.

(4) It is entirely likely that they were denied help because Mr. Obama wanted to retain the fiction that his Libya policy–whatever it was and/or is–was a success, and Al Qaeda is essentially defeated and out of business.  Lives were cynically traded for political fiction.

(5) Mrs. Clinton claims to take responsibility, but responsibility requires not only accepting praise, but punishment.  There is no possibility of punishment for Mrs. Clinton; by mouthing the word “responsibility,” she does quite the opposite, secure in the knowledge she will never face the slightest sanction for her incompetence and political gamesmanship while others paid with their lives.

(6) The American people, the employers of everyone in the federal government, have every right to know precisely who said what when, who did what when and who failed to do what when.  This is not a hard concept.  In the real world, it is a simple matter to find out who did what, when it was done and why.  Mrs. Clinton is an integral part of a conspiracy of silence to cover up not only the politically shameful, but likely, the criminal.

(7) No woman who would allow honorable Americans to die for political expediency should remain free, and she certainly should never be a candidate for president.  About this, we must be certain; we must know the whole truth.  Either she and Mr. Obama authorized every possible resource to immediately come to the aid of those fighting for their lives, or they did not.  It’s not a difficult concept.

It matters because honorable Americans are dead, and because it is highly likely that Mrs. Clinton is in part directly responsible for their deaths.  Remember that she told at least one of those survivors over the casket of their loved one that she would get the unfortunate video maker whose efforts had nothing at all to do with the attacks–and there seems no question she had to know it even as she cruelly lied to those she pretends to cry over.

But above all, it matters because unless people like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are forced to tell the truth, it will happen again, and again, and again.

There is nothing to figure out.  Mrs. Ciinton and President Obama know exactly what happened and who said and did what.  That’s the real problem.  That’s why they continue to stonewall.  That’s why Mrs. Clinton pretends to be emotional and outraged.  That’s why the woman in charge of the State Department is willing to say she knows nothing; it’s better to appear to be so incompetent others died because of it than to admit the truth.