Have you ever wondered why the Lamestream media is unable to report on Barack Obama with the reasonable skepticism any professional reporter should have for any politician, particularly one so prone to blatant lying as Mr. Obama?  Now I know.  They–apparently nearly every one of them–are the emotional and moral equivalent of screaming, fainting 13 year old girls seeing the Beatles in person for the first time, only far less mature and dignified.

Consider this excerpt from Charlie Sperling of the Examiner as he describes a meeting of Mr. Obama with reporters during the last presidential campaign:

“The behavior of the assembled press corps was telling. Everyone, myself included, swooned. Swooned! Head over heels. One or two might have even lost their minds,’ Hastings writes, as each reporter had a chance to speak personally with the president. ‘We were all, on some level, deeply obsessed with Obama, crushing hard, still a little love there. This was nerd heaven, a politico’s paradise, the subject himself moving among us — shaking our hands, slapping our shoulders!”

And consider this from Rick Moran of PJ Media describing a CNN reporter who wrote highly personal letters to Mr. Obama every day of his first term: 

“I wrote about things that were important, like unemployment, Afghanistan and women’s rights. I also wrote about things that were trivial, like sports, favorite foods and my yearly battle with Christmas lights.

The tally: 1,460 letters, well over a half-million words, or enough to fill about seven novels. Laid out as one line of text, these letters would stretch almost 3½ miles or considerably longer than the inaugural parade route.”

In some states, this kind of behavior crosses the line into stalking.  It certainly betrays a decidedly unhealthy obsession. 

By all means, read both article in their entirety; they explain much.  Just be sure to take a double dose of your blood pressure meds first.  And remember: these people are talking about a politician.