Dear Congressman and Senator, etc.:

There is a hoary old saying that Americans think everyone in Congress is corrupt, stupid, and bent on the destruction of America, except their congressman or senator; they’re OK.  I wouldn’t bet on that one anymore.  Rather, I’d take the counsel of Mark Twain who said:

It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress.

It is difficult to express how little respect I have for Congress as an institution, and for you, my congressman and my senators as representatives.  And if you’re wise, you’ll take my counsel, for my concerns are shared by an incredibly diverse and growing number of my fellow Americans.

In the past, I might have appealed to your sense of honor, but members of Congress have proved, over and over, Congress has none.  I too might have appealed to your sense of shame, but I have, sadly, come to believe that members of Congress are incapable of feeling that useful emotion.  I might even have appealed to patriotism and reminded you of your oath of office, but again, what’s the point?  I am indeed tarring everyone there with the same brush, but you’ve left me no choice.

Once upon a time, I’m sure the only thing that worried you even a little was the possibility of not being reelected. Over the last century, we know incumbents are almost always reelected; incumbency is such an overwhelming advantage you have degenerated to the point that you no longer consider yourselves the elected representatives of “we the people,” but an exalted, elite class of rulers of the faceless masses too dull to know how to take care of themselves.

Times have changed.  I suggest that the only thing you can take for granted is you will be thrown out of the office at the next opportunity.  Your incompetence, arrogance, disdain for “average” Americans and your utter disregard of your oath of office, of the Constitution, and of any sense of honor have reduced you—and our country—to a pitiful—and a very dangerous—state.  Expect that all of my fellows and I will do everything we can to vote you out as soon as possible.  Frankly, I’d vote for a ham sandwich rather than any of you, but failing that, I’ll vote for real Conservatives, people who not only say they stand for small government, fiscal responsibility and the Constitution, but will vote that way as well.

That I am compelled to say all I’ve thus far said saddens and disgusts me beyond measure because it means America stands on the precipice of disaster, and you have pushed her there.  Americans want to believe in those they have elected to represent their interests.  They want to believe them to be honest, honorable, trustworthy people.  I have not completely given up hope, and I am willing to be convinced that you are more moral and capable than a ham sandwich, but you, Sirs, have a very, very long way to go to restore the smallest morsel of trust in the American people.

I write primarily to give you the opportunity to start rebuilding that trust.  I don’t refer to our financial disaster, our perilous position in the Middle East, our utter lack of competence in not preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons, your presiding over an ever-growing and arrogent imperial bureaucratic state, the financial and moral debacle that is Obamacare and a wide variety of other particularly ugly and destructive messes your decades of neglect and incompetence have produced.  I know that President Obama is responsible for some of this, but if you had been doing your jobs, he would never have been elected and you would be far more capable in resisting his–or any–Marxist designs on America.

I write about Senator Feinstein’s latest attempt to destroy the Second Amendment and to turn tens—even hundreds—of millions of Americans into instant felons.  I won’t go into the utter absence of logic or effectiveness that is intertwined with every word of her proposal—that has been well covered elsewhere–but I proffer a warning, a chance for you to demonstrate that you take your oath of office seriously and that you still recognize the Constitution as the supreme law of the land rather than seeing it as Progressives and all too many so-called Republicans do: an anachronistic impediment to preferred social policies.

I am particularly concerned about this legislation because we already have a decade of experience that proves it useless.  What’s more, the Heller and McDonald decisions have clearly rendered it blatantly unconstitutional.  This, my representative and senators, is something that particularly angers your countrymen: you repeatedly propose laws you know are unconstitutional.  Particularly galling is Senator Feinstein’s proposal to require registration of tens of millions of firearms and hundred of millions of magazines under the National Firearms Act.

You may also be aware of the huge and unprecendented number of Americans purchasing firearms, magazines, ammunition and other accessories since the Newtown shootings.  They are not doing this because they have suddenly acquired a trivial desire for additional material goods, but because they understand the very real and pressing possibility they may be forced to defend liberty, and they want the most effective weapons available to them for that purpose.

Please allow me to explain why this single proposal is so outrageous and dangerous to the future of our nation.  The BATFE is arguably the least competent, most corrupt and most intensely distrusted and hated arm of the federal government—though the Department of Justice, the EPA, HHS, DHS and several others are in the running—as a result of Fast And Furious as well as decades of mistreatment of law-abiding gun owners and dealers.  This law would dramatically increase the size and power of the bureaucracy.  The time, paperwork and aggravation involved would drive the righteous rage of the public to new heights and would surely result in near total non-compliance.

We need not spend much time on the fact this law would severely harm our vital national defense industries at a time of great national and world peril.  The greatest danger is registration, because history teaches without exception that it always leads to confiscation.  In a nation where the possession of a single magazine capable of holding more than ten rounds of ammunition becomes a federal felony, the federal government holds a terrible power to practice tyranny.  Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Make no mistake, if you will not do it, Americans will act to enforce the Second Amendment, thus preserving the rest of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution itself.  But if you force them to that extreme, you would be foolish indeed to think you will still be in power when the dust settles.

This law, if enacted, will lead directly to forcing federal, state and local law enforcement officers to make terrible decisions.  Should they go to the homes of their friends and neighbors to seize their firearms, magazines and other accessories, to imprison them and destroy their families and lives, to kill them–or be killed–when they resist, or should they fight tyranny?  Should they passively, even actively, resist the federal government?  Many in Congress would delight in this horror–they’re already talking confiscation of legally possessed firearms–taking obscene pleasure in seeing all of those God and gun clingers in flyover country imprisoned, even killed, soulless fools that they are.

If this law is passed and this occurs—and it will—you will be pitting the states, the people, and the Constitution against the federal government.  Some federal agents will side with tyranny.  Some elements of our military will side with despotism.  It will not take many federal raids on gun shops and the homes of citizens to produce dead Americans, and once that process begins, America as we have known it, ends.  Make no mistake, Americans, in the tens, even hundreds of millions, will resist, using the philosophy and tools given them by the Founders.  They will not be defeated.

We are unique in history, a revolutionary people who resist revolution, but a free people that will, ultimately, do what is necessary to remain free.

This federal over-reach will end with a very different America, an America none of us wishes to see.  Those who so stupidly desire to impose these conditions on the law abiding will not emerge victorious, or likely, alive.  Sadly, scores of patriots will join them in death.  Remember: you’re dealing with Americans.

Am I advocating armed resistance?  Do I wish to see this happen?  Of course not.  No sane, rational, patriotic American wants to see any of this.  But Americans know that the death of the Second Amendment heralds the death of liberty, and they will not abide it.

I was going to write that I did not serve in our military–or as a police officer—for this, but that would be incorrect.  I served exactly for this: to preserve our liberties, most particularly the Second Amendment, which affirms the ultimate means for Americans to remain free.  I, and countless others, will honor their oaths.

In this matter, there can be no compromise, for this law not only does nothing—nothing at all—to prevent school attacks or diminish crime, it strikes at the very foundation of liberty.  The choice is yours.  Will you support—in any way—a blatantly unconstitutional law, a law that would ban the most common and popular firearms in America, firearms virtually never used in crime, a law that would ban standard magazines and innocuous accessories, a law that would turn untold millions into instant felons, grotesquely expand the imperial bureaucratic state, further damage our economy and pit Americans against each other in a life-and-death struggle for liberty, or will you stand with the Constitution, will you truly represent those that elected you and take those first, tentative steps toward regaining the trust and respect of honorable Americans?

I pray, for us all, you make the right choice.

NOTE:  This has been sent to all of my representatives.  Please feel free to use this letter, or to write one of your own, and do the same.