Since before his initial election in 2008, there is one area of America’s economy that Mr. Obama has been spectacularly successful in stimulating.  His never-ending efforts have resulted in an unprecedented boom in manufacturing and sales in this small but important slice of our national GDP.  In retail outlets across America, Mr. Obama’s portrait hangs, often with labels such as “greatest salesman of all time.”

This is, arguably, his sole domestic economic success story.

So of course, true to form, he is now doing everything he can to sabotage it.

You know about what I’m referring, don’t you gentle readers?  That’s right: the American firearm industry.  A home-grown industry as old as the republic and always vital to its success and freedom.

About five months ago, I posted an article about this issue at Gun Values Board.  That article noted that prior to the election, Democrats were determined to stay away from gun control, as was, for the most part, Mr. Obama.  However, then came the Newtown, Connecticut murders and all bets were off.  I have, for some time, predicted that with a second term, Mr. Obama would be unafraid to impose draconian gun control measures by hook or crook (mostly crook), and it now appears that’s going to be the case.

As we wait for the next shoe to drop, there is a rich vein of irony to be mined, and I began that process recently with a pilgrimage to the main Cheaper Than Dirt retail outlet.  I thought it might be amusing to see the economic effect of Mr. Obama’s work for the firearm industry in practice, and I was right.  On the occasion of my 12-21-12 trip, I found the display walls, usually festooned with black rifles of all shapes and sizes to be nearly empty.  Only three lonely copies of AK pattern rifles and three high-end S&W AR-15 pattern rifles remained.  Magazines of all shapes and sizes were flying out the door, and handgun ammo in the most popular calibers and ammunition for the aforementioned rifles was in short supply.  Customers were delivering loud and fulsome praise of Mr. Obama’s business acumen—including many boisterous and anatomically impossible nicknames–and planning merry social activities for beltline politicians—particularly wobbly Republicans–that included rail rides, and the liberal application of petroleum products and the colorful plumage of various denizens of the air.

I encountered the same lack of stock and the same rousing seasonal merriment  at the local Academy and several other non-chain store retail firearm establishments.  Mr. Obama’s hope for the change of banning the most popular rifles in America was the topic of much gaiety wherever I went.

So.  By trying to ban “assault weapons” and “assault magazines,” and by trying to enact the common wish list of anti-freedom politicians, Mr. Obama has once again succeeded in causing the sales of those very items to rise to stratospheric levels.

This time, Mr. Obama may well go too far.  Irony is amusing only so long.  In trying to ban weapons virtually never used in crimes, weapons that are the most popular rifles in America, President Obama is, once again, ignoring the Constitution and trying to diminish liberty.  Whether Americans are just like Europeans in their willingness to accept any governmental outrage is not unquestionably decided.  We may have the opportunity to find out sooner than many imagined.